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Monday, April 27, 2015

Treat her Like a Lady

Good morning friends, this morning we are doing a cold grab and go breakfast and even the coffee is is in a to go type cup. The reason is Daddy had an early meeting and didn't want to go on an empty stomach. He'll be back late tonight or early tomorrow.

The whole weekend Daddy treated mouse like the most delicate of things, he's kept her emotionally very open and raw feeling. Sub drop, he concluded, as we discussed the week's blog posts is a likely culprit. It's also one he wants to keep going. He loves the muddle-minded mouse -- he loves it when she opens the refrigerator and stares blankly at the contents trying to remember why she opened it. He loves the reason why she's like this. He loves the fact mouse frequently tells him that she wants his cock. He loves the fact that mouse, while sleeping drove herself mad trying to get his cock, the compulsion was too strong to be denied. He finally untethered her wrists and delightfully watched her shimmy down the bed to the prize.

While mouse has never sleep walked, apparently she does sleep suck.

What's odd is the more gentle he treated her, the more soft she felt and the more she wanted to please him. The more her mind would wander. Is it ok for a slave to objectify her Master? To be so filled with his cock that it makes her a little batty? Even when she was doing the most mundane of things she couldn't stop her mind or shut down the part that wants him.

Saturday morning we were lying in bed, our sweat-covered bodies entwined, and mouse whispered to him that she thinks He doesn't really own her. Daddy cocked his eyebrow up, and listened when mouse said that his cock owns her.

We tried discussing it, but mouse couidn't get the words out right. What she wanted to say was that, He can bring mouse pleasure or pain, he can punish mouse with it and sometimes mouse will swear it has a mind of its own.

Most of the day on Saturday we were out, and mouse supposed we looked like any family. We went to the big farmers market and later a museum. We went home, put everything away, and Daddy sent mouse upstairs to begin getting ready for our evening. He wanted mouse to take a bath and relax. There's no real relaxing with kids around. Once the sitter arrived Daddy came up and showered and dressed. He said mouse looked radiant and then whispered she looked well-fucked.

It was just getting dark when we left for the party. We stopped along the way and had a quickie, and he commanded mouse to orgasm. we arrived and he whispered to mouse, she had that just fucked glow.

Daddy again, made a point of whispering into mouse's ear, "Everyone wil see your flush and know what a slut you really are. They will spend countless hours gossiping about this fact."

Those words rattled around in mouse's head the whole evening. By her side or from across the room mouse felt that just fucked glow. A byproduct of that was a less talkative mouse. Thank goodness she's got many chatty friends with much to share. Honestly though, mouse stuck close to Daddy most of the time. It was nice being close to him.

At home, much later Daddy undressed mouse, tugged and twisted her nipple rings and watched her go through her nighttime routine and ritual. He loosened her corset and removed the plug. We touched, caressed, he delivered enough spanks to make mouse cry, then he bound mouse's wrists and told her to sleep.

In the morning, we woke, mouse felt so connected to him, it made her cry. Daddy held mouse close to him. The neediness to be near him was enough to make her crazy. He had plans for the day that excluded mouse, so she worked to keep herself very busy. Although, he never was far from her thoughts, she managed nicely to keep those feelings from interfering too much.

He returned in the late afternoon, and took us to dinner -- a super nice treat.

At bedtime, he again called mouse to the chaise and performed the maintenance spanking. After the tears subsided, he fucked mouse from behind. Completely spent, we just fell asleep. This morning is busy when mouse began his morning oral service, Daddy pulled her off and fucked her instead. A rough, deep pounding. Not sure at all how mouse will manage being away from him.


  1. It is so beautiful to read about your close connection. Thank you!

  2. Sounds wonderful and it reminds me of this weekend when Master relished in my inability to be coherent, He also likes to keep me in that subby place :)

  3. really lovely writing mouse, always but especially so on this one.


  4. May I ask you mouse why you are prone to crying a lot? I mean no offence :)


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