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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

So Far Away

Good morning friends, Daddy made it back home late on Monday, catching the last flight or the day. We had a long talk that evening about all these recent events. Daddy made some assurances and some slight alterations to our future plans. The maintenance spankings will remain indefinately and Daddy is enjoying the more vulnerable and open mouse immensely.

He asked how mouse managed throughout the day without much contact from him. Thankfully the day was actually busy for mouse, grocery shopping and other stuff. The hardest part was quiet between tasks. Only then, did mouse's mind wander and rolling over the same thought...

If mouse weren't mouse would Daddy want her? If he did find her intriguing enough, how would he train her?

Much later in the evening, after maintenance, a wonderful fuck, we were quiet. It was mouse's time to talk about her day or thoughts. Instead this time, she asked questions. He said it would be impossible to guess that. He did say if mouse wasn't in his life, he was certain he'd be alone. It really wasn't an answer at all. Halfway expecting, to hear it wasn't appropriate, mouse pressed.

"How would you train mouse to be your slave?"

"Read your journal."

"The whole thing?" mouse groaned.

"Maybe just the last year and half."

"Wait, what? You only began training mouse then -- what was all that before then?"

"We were taking our time."

Tuesday morning mouse woke feeling somewhat perplexed still by the conversation. The morning routine went quickly. Daddy wanted mouse to enema and then he slid the plug in place. Focus would be difficult for mouse but he assured that somehow mouse would muddle through.

So mouse read through the blog, and she couid see it -- the slow moving toward where we are. That's rather anticlimactic, don't you think? Sneaky Master.


  1. Sorry mouse, but I did have a bit of a giggle when you asked if you had to read the whole thing. Possibly because I know you've been on blogger much longer than I have, and I'm thinking of trying to muddle through 2009 until now. What a task that would have been!
    It is rather sneaky, but I see how it's proved it purpose :)


  2. That's some reading!

    Do you still keep a private journal as well mouse? im sure a long time ago you said you did, but i may be mistaken.


  3. Hi Mouse, I agree, smart Master. It's wonderful when we can see how far we have come and how we have grown.



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