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Friday, May 1, 2015


Good Morning friends, it's May day. There's a lot to do today, so mouse needs to get moving....

All day Wednesday mouse felt a bit off. The day had been normal but trying. It felt hard to keep her balance. After dinner, Daddy sent her to the bedroom to take a bath and brought her a glass of wine. He handled the other things and for that mouse was grateful. A while later he returned to the bedroom and found mouse still in the tub. He helped her out and lit some of the candles she has arranged around the room.

Then, he brought out the cuffs and rope, arranging them on the bed. He bound mouse with her legs spread wide for him. He toyed with her, watched her writhe. Then he took something and delivered a few smacks to her tender exposed parts. The sensation wasn't painful, it was more erotic.

He hit her clit several times making her jump, drawing it out at the same time. At times he paused, licking her and then he resumed. Tugging on the rope, mouse felt helpless, exposed and it felt so hot being forced open like that. The struggles ended, and she only felt loved.

Thursday morning those feelings of containment continued, the mental rattle of chains played in mouse's head throughout the day. In the evening Daddy called mouse to his study. With her demerits light, he decided to just have mouse stand in the corner, with her skirt hiked up. Just thinkijg about the few things she'd gotten wrong and remained grateful it wasn't worse.


Anonymous said...


It certainly sounds like a more enjoyable experience rather than punishment - lucky you. Tied to the bed and toyed with, now that's pleasurable. Have a good weekend. K

little monkey said...

That is one disturbing visual there, mouse. I will certainly think twice before bemoaning a bad day again. :)

Roz said...

This sounds wonderful Mouse, and sounds as though Omega gave you what you needed. Very hot and etotic too :)