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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Can't Always Get what You Want

Good Morning friends, the coffee is hot and we've got some yummy whole wheat, fresh blueberry pancakes. The blueberries we found are so sweet it feels like dessert more than breakfast. Our weekend was lovely full of moments of service where mouse really got to shine.

At one point late Saturday evening Daddy asked mouse what she wanted. We had just completed the maintenance spanking mouse has developed a love/hate relationship with. For a moment mouse thought about it -- ok it was longer than a few minutes. Mentally she asked what she really most wanted, but then as she mused through the list of thoughts, considered this is a game. If she says what he'd like, she'll get it, but if she doesn't then she won't. His words shook her from the continuing circular thought pattern, when he repeated the question.

Now, mouse needs to be careful, it's not as though our sex life is lacking, and mouse loves pleasing Daddy orally. Sometimes she does truly need a good fuck, but he didn't ask what she needed -- he asked what does she want. This opened a pandora's box of thoughts. What mouse is him on top of her body, so she can feel his weight, his cock sliding the length of her slit until it enters her slowly. Where she can wrap her arms and legs around him and hold him as we move slowly toward the point of bliss.

Lately, for the last few months it seems when we do have sex, mouse has been bound, taken from behind, or on top of him. When she's bound, naturally she can't touch him, although after he's finished he will hold mouse. Taken from behind is nice, but again she can't touch him. When he does want her on top, she feels impaled by his cock and he controls the movements by tugging on the nipple rings.

Turning shy, mouse whispered what she wanted. Daddy was amused with it, but said no, he had other ideas. Again, the rope was out and mouse was convulsing under his touch. His hand deftly slid, slowly as mouse whimpered from being stretched so, into the warm spot, then he made a fist and slowly moved his wrist. He made her whimper, cry and float miles from where she was. Yes, she needed this. He wanted the mix of pain and pleasure that mouse does want, she craves the special alchemy he expertly creates.

Slowly, she returns to the sound of his voice. Holding her. His body surrounding her protectively.

It wasn't what she thought she wanted, but in the end, mouse got what she needed.


  1. Oh, lovec reading this Mouse. Glad you had such a great weekend and that you got what you needed. Funny how that isn't always what we want, or think we want isn't it. Omega knows you so well.


  2. Glad you clearly see the difference.

  3. Funny how that works...and amazing when that "They" can read us so well.....fisting is not something i can ask for...and am always reluctant when He decides on it...but...oh....after....
    hugs abby


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