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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Do Not Cry

Good morning friends. Monday morning, Daddy called mouse into the bathroom. He had her kneel in the shower. Immediately mouse began to cry. His voice soothed her somewhat. "Do not cry, slave this isn't punishment."

Ok, mouse will admit, as much as she loves Daddy, wants at times to crawl inside him, sharing his piss isn't something she likes. No matter to that, he told her to close her eyes and let loose. Midway, he told her to open her mouth and mouse complied -- even though she didn't want to. It wasn't horrible -- an odd feeling came over her, as her sex began to throb. This pleased him in a way she can't understand. Honestly, mouse finds it degrading. At the same time, it excited her.

Daddy told her stand, reached his fingers and captured the juices there, the evidence of her arousal. He asked rhetorically, if she was sure she didn't like this. While her head screamed noooooooo and wanted to say 'not unless it pleases Master,' the slut blurted out that she does like it.

Damn slut just can't keep quiet.

Daddy turned the shower on, using the spray rinsed mouse off and then warmed the water.

"Hands above your head." he spoke as though the command shouldn't be needed, and grabbed some soap. He washed his slave and mouse considered how much she hated that when it first started and now she doesn't mind it so much. Then he finished up, and left mouse to finish washing her hair.

After drying off Daddy again told her to raise her arms this time for the corset. Then he told her to bend over for the plug.

After breakfast mouse reminded him that Lucy and Schroeder were coming over that evening, as he walked out the door. They're one of the few couples we know in real life that are aware of how exactly we live. They enjoy their own kinky side and by connection led us to another couple -- we don't know them nearly as well but they get the thing we do. No others, we're aware of, know about how mouse is Daddy's slave. It's nice because mouse can refer to Daddy as Daddy or even Master without raising eyebrows.

They arrived after dinner, Lucy had a dessert she made that she wanted us to try, also she made some bread, and a cheesy spread. Everything was good. We girls were talking about a clothing sale, and twice Daddy had to tell us to be quiet. Well, he told mouse to be quiet. Suppose mouse should mention we were playing Hearts. Still Lucy and mouse....quiet isn't really our thing. We whispered. Then slowly...we're like kids.

The game ended and Daddy was showing Schroeder the new golf thing he got, when he again heard mouse and Lucy laughing loudly about something silly, when she caught a tidbit of Daddy's conversation with Schroeder that stopped her at once. They were discussing discipline and mouse spending time in the corner.

Aware mouse was listening, Daddy spoke of how it seemed to help quiet mouse, when a light correction was needed.

Daddy called mouse to him, then had her stand in the corner to demonstrate to them. Grateful for facing the wall so no one could see her blush when Daddy mentioned that usually she hikes up her skirt (but didn't tell her to). It felt so right to be spoken about as though mouse were nothing but an unthinking subject. The slut just loved it, her bottom tightened around the plug repeatedly, while the rest of her sex was fiery hot and pulsating. This embarrassed her more and the cycle continued until Daddy called her to him. Surprisingly enough to her, before her mind couid seize control, mouse simply kneeled before him. Something compelled her to do it, but she can't explain why.

Daddy took her hands and helped her stand, the whole thing was more or less forgotten. Lucy knows how mouse is at times and how she can't control her submissive urges. Was mouse simply doing this for their benefit? Maybe partially, maybe also the fact she knows they know, it feels more safe to her. At the time, it wasn't any of those things. It just felt so right.

In the evening, Daddy had mouse undress and over his knee,he delivered some well-timed smacks to her bare bottom until she's sure it glowed red. In bed afterward, he asked about the kneeling. He asked to be sure she knew it wasn't punishment because she was giggling with Lucy. Of course mouse knew that.

It was just something she felt she needed to do. Maybe more about this on Friday...



  1. All of that sounds so lovely :).

  2. Nice weave of emotions and actions .. it sounds like you could (allow yourself to) stay in a 'dreamy' state of submission. Lovely indeed :)

  3. Sounds like it was a wonderful morning and evening. K

  4. wow, this sounds fantastic Mouse. How wonderful to have friends who understand that you can talk to and truly be yourself in front of.


  5. To have friends that you can just be you in front of must feel so welcoming mouse. I agree with ancilla, just lovely.

  6. This was lovely mouse, i do miss a couple we were friendly with (they moved to France) that were likeminded, it can be kind of lonely in a sense, its what keeps me blogging i suppose in a way.


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