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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A New Sensation

This is how he had her, painfully clamped with brand new clover clamps, boobs squished under his weight, each movement stirring a new sensation of pain. Down below unseen her clit captured in a suction tube he earlier applied. The movement made her cry, as though her boobs weren't bad enough.

How it began was more simple, first he had mouse undress in his study, as she did, he repositioned things around his desk. Then he told her to hop up and spread herself.

"Wider slut, show me that cunt!"

He toyed and played with her clit gently at first, until it was exposed, vulnerable and mouse was moaning. He pulled out the suction and drew it inside the insidious tubing and left it there, hanging. He had mouse slowly and carefully move he cautioned if it becomes dislodged we begin again.

Then he added the new clover clamps and told her to bend over.

Stuck in this position he entered mouse harshly from behind and gave her a good, long pounding fuck. The suction fell away, and mouse can't describe the good way it felt after. The whole area felt supercharged. It made her forget completely how bad her boobs felt. The poor things scraping across the desk, each jarring moment with short chain adding drag. Honestly mouse couldn't focus on one sensation. The feeling of his cock sliding in and out, the amazing way her clit felt or the stinging breast pain.

"Do not cum." his voice rang through her head. Damn him.

When he finished he placed a towel on the floor, and told mouse to turn over, which brought a new sensation as the clover clamp's chain was stretched so far that new discomfort ensued. Why can't she have the kind of tits that stay more upright? He lifted her legs up onto the desk. It made mouse feel opened and exposed. Under one of her legs a small fan was pushed into place, the air stirring around her sex.

He said he had the perfect thing to punish mouse for losing the suction (as if she had any control over that) and showed her the bamboo back scratcher he got in his tropical itch drink a long while ago, oh how much fun he had torturing his mouse after the kids had gone to sleep. It was perfect to spank her pussy with.

Before the words, "oh shit." could leave her lips, he was fingering her clit, drawing it out, the sensations drew out moans from mouse.



More gentle touching followed by more blows against her unsuspecting sex. Each blow bringing out a whimper of pleasure and pain. Her breasts jostled and pulled against the clamps even more. The sting soothed by air. Shivers from the fan, the toying and more thwacks.

Somehow despite the pain, the orgasm built and when he allowed it, the release was huge. The smell of sex filled the room. The clamps were off, the pain as blood rushed back intense almost as her orgasm. Numb tingles filled her body.

He had her lick the scratcher, his cock and the towel on the floor.

After mouse felt sleepy, happy and warm.

Thank you Daddy.




  1. *Almost* made me miss clover clamps...almost...okay maybe you made me miss them just a teeny tiny bit.
    Lovely, Mouse.

    1. These new ones are awful. The old pair that mouse loved have mysteriously gone missing. :)

  2. oh this was hot mouse, im curious about the suction tube on clit...makes it more engorged im assuming? extra sensitive? curious but in a way of of not sure i would like it or not lol


    1. Yes, it sucks it into the tube (if it's drawn out enough) and that bit hurts, then, when it's removed it's super sensitive and kinda painful if touched. Then (for mouse) it feels sort of numb and tingly. It becomes sorta engorged after.

      It's kinda like a syringe. It doesn't stay on long, because of all the moving around. If you are on your back, it can remain on longer.

      Omega once modified a breast pump (this was years ago) to do something similar.

      Sadists.. :-/


  3. Wow Mouse, that was super hot, and intense! I was curious about the tube too.


    1. In complete retrospect and now in better context with a crappy was hot. :)

  4. Sizzling hot post .. and the "Why can't she have the kind of tits that stay more upright?" made me laugh out loud. Thanks for sharing.

  5. "Why can't she have the kind of tits that stay more upright?" Because they are real and you are older than 13, that's why :) Besides, ask Omega, he will most likely agree that bouncy slide-y heavy tits are more fun anyway. They moosh better when you squeeze them.

    1. Lol@little monkey. They indeed do mosh better :)

    2. Lol...

      Really need one or those annoyed looking smilies. :D

      Yes, Daddy is quite fond of them the way they are.


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