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Friday, May 15, 2015

Towering Over Your Head

The week has been a disaster, with the exception of Tuesday's playtime in Daddy's study, the rest of the week has been too busy to fit much else in. Yesterday, we had a dinner party to attend, some colleagues of Daddy's, and we're getting painfully close to the time where we're expected to host something. The idea, at least right now, fills mouse with some dread. All the cleaning and cooking...


Before we left for the party however, Daddy did make mouse bend over, and he inserted the plug into her rear. Then told her to finish dressing, because she always takes longer than he does. The party wasn't terrible, lots of laughter, good food and wine. Did mouse mention wine?


When we got home the house was quiet, Daddy paid the sitter. Then after they left, he told mouse to undress. It was Thursday after all, time to discuss demerits. Really, mouse has gotten rather used to not being punished and has received plenty of praise. There were a couple smallish issues he explained as he removed his belt. He felt mouse was slipping back into the presuming what he thinks thing and felt it was better to nip it in the bud. Naturally, he had examples of small infractions, where mouse decided something for him. Being right isn't the point, he explained, it's about presumptions.


He had mouse bend over the desk and kiss his belt, then he delivered many sharp blows to her backside. Tears of course spilled, which Daddy after blotted with a handkerchief.


"Be my good girl, gather your things and wait for me upstairs."


Honestly mouse ran up the stairs. Yes, she was practically nude, but it was late enough that it wasn't particularly an issue, except the windows. In the bedroom mouse hung up the dress, put away her shoes and then waited for him to undo the corset and remove the plug. At first she felt sarcastic, 'didn't want to presume he'd want it removed.' Then remorse filled her and felt bad, or guilty for having that thought.


The longer she waited the worse she felt. When he came upstairs, after doing the nightly walk through and making sure all is as it should be, he found mouse whimpering. He untied the corset and removed the plug, and watched as mouse hung up the corset and cleaned the plug. He said it could be left out, mouse would be wearing it in the morning. Then he called her to the chaise and had her bend over his knee, this time for maintenance.


Wasn't the punishment enough? He rubbed her rear, kneading it with his fingers, and delivered a few well appointed slaps. In no time mouse was again tearful and blurting out her thought from earlier, and begging forgiveness. He stopped. He told her she was a good girl for telling him. He said he knew it is difficult at times. Then he pulled her into his arms and just held her. That was probably the best part.



  1. "didn't want to presume he would want it removed" that made me snicker...thats exactly how i would have been thinking...but though really, i do get frustrated when i get pulled up on making assumptions etc.....when i do, its with the best intentions, what i think he will like...hmm ok its said the road to hell is paved with good intentions though.

    Preparing dinner parties gets me flustered, i dont mind the cleaning but its the cooking, although i confess if its for more than 4 i get caterers fair play to you mouse if you do the cooking...because that would really stress me out, im not confident in cooking for too many people.

    hope you have a lovely weekend


  2. Sometimes for me, the line between not presuming--something that is unwanted--and anticipating needs,---something that is wanted, are very close together and I trip up in trying to distinguish between them.
    Love the ending note to your evening :-)

  3. been thinking about you a lot lately mouse(& Omega). hugs for the crappy week.
    have a wonderful weekend!! ;)

  4. Hot and deliberate start of the evening and such a sweet ending ! I wonder if it realy was the best part of the evening ?

  5. Hugs Mouse, the line between presumption and anticipating needs can be tricky. I love how the evening ended too :)



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