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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Tangled Up

"Sssh baby." Daddy softly held mouse close to him. We spent a few hours with mouse held tight with rope, as she floated far from him and remained fairly unaware of all he'd done. His own unique brand of sexual torture. He left mouse completely debased -- where at one point she freely humped his leg until she orgasmed as he watched. He loves the slut and she excites him. He loves to torment her.

After, he pulled mouse close and waited for her come back to earth. Holding her planting soft kisses on her -- tellling her it was okay to cry. Soon, as seems her normal routine she dropped to her knees and began sucking him. Now, mouse cannot be sure why she feels this overwhelming urge to do this after intense play. Daddy knows and feels its innate urge and one he indulges carefully.

Carefully, because he knows mouse isn't mouse yet. Daddy pulls her into his lap again. He listens to the secrets she spills. Eventually he encourages her to sleep and she does, sleeping as much as 10 hours. When she wakes she feels much more like mouse again -- except not quite all there. Simple tasks vex her, Daddy watches her carefully. Sometimes she cries. He holds her reminding her it's ok. The shear emotions begin to slowly ebb away and she feels beautiful and loved.

"Sssh baby." Daddy whispers....


  1. This was really beautiful, mouse. Thank you.

  2. Simply beautiful.....
    hugs abby

  3. I agree ... beautiful. Love the reassurance.


  4. I dream of having that much trust...and in turn, being able to be free.
    beautifully written mouse.
    as always, thank you for sharing something so intimate.


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