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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Best of Our Love

Thank you for all the wonderful and thoughtful comments on Monday's post. It really made mouse feel so loved after such a long absence. Thank you all for reading and caring!

Over the summer, we brought along lots of movies and some tv shows to watch, sort of a catch up time, since we rarely watch tv at home. We also found we can't stand commercials. Yes, we are spoiled. It was actually rather nice not being bombarded with "news" often reduced to a 18 second sound-bite. Daddy kept fairly current with a newspaper.

Last time, when we returned home, mouse felt that comforting mindfulness leave slowly, but this time mouse is far more determined to remain connected to that feeling. Just not sure how to achieve that. It will sort out though, that is for certain. We continued with maintenance spankings while we were away and mouse only required one stern correction the whole time! Although, mouse would love to share the details, she doesn't even recall what she did. Daddy's disappointment was enough and what she does recall. We continued with weekly enemas for mouse and Daddy insisted that she be plugged. We showered together, as we do at home, Daddy picked out mouse's clothing. The corset was only used a few times and mouse complained when it was, but raised her arms anyway for it.

Usually during the summer we'll have a rainstorm or two, it was the first year in anyone's memory, there were no showers and nothing to cool us off from the heat. As the shadows moved across rhe lake everyone's position changed in their shady spot.. The 4th was actually subdued, almost an afterthought, which sounds horrible, but we were already on vacation and you can't take a vacation from vacation. Still it was a fantastic day, the little kids in our group loved the parade and probably ate their weight in icepops.

It's odd, because the daytime is so hot, everyone comes to life after sundown and even the kids stay up far beyond what should be bedtime. Breakfast is more like brunch and who doesn't love a good brunch. Coming home was bigger adjustment, so we actually were grateful for the extra time. But after many months of family togetherness, everyone instantly seemed to vanish into their own space and honestly, mouse felt lonely.

On our second or third night home, before Daddy had to return to work, he did take time to properly torment mouse. Still it took a day or two after Daddy returned to work to begin to feel settled. The first day was exhausting, even for him but after a few days he found his groove. When he noticed mouse struggling he helped her along, but stepping up his lists and requirements. It's true that mouse does better when she feels supervised by him.

Once we were more or less back to our routines, Daddy called mouse to his study to discuss demerits. That kind of shook mouse up a little even though she knew or expected it. Instead of discussing all her mistakes, he focused instead on how mouse displayed her submission to him in the most lovely ways over the summer. Serving him, kneeling or sitting at his feet, which seemed totally natural, taking care of his needs or being ready to. It's like making sure the hot sauce he favors is by his plate at breakfast, because he's been eating it with his eggs forever, and shouldn't have to ask for it.

These are things he hopes as our lives inevitably become more busy, mouse will continue without much thought, especially in our home. This will lead to a more mindful and calmer mouse.



Julia said...

I can't stand commercials either, i would rather get up and do something useful thank watch them.
Glad to see you guys had a good summer away.

ancilla_ksst said...

What a fine summer vacation! I'm just getting into the routine of having kids back here and in school again. Well, I'm working on getting into a routine. Everything is so non-automatic after the break.

Roz said...

Sounds like a wonderful vacation Mouse and wonderful that you were able to maintain much of your dynamic while away. It's always hard getting back to routine.

I hate the ads too while watching TV and use the ad breaks to do quick jobs, grab a
drink etc.


Emi J Jones said...

Glad to see you back and getting settled. This time of the year is always a change of pace for me too, from the dog days of summer. It does get lonely when it all calms down doesn't it?

tori said...

It's good to see you back, after a lovely holiday.

We have not had much of a summer over here, lot of rain..well UK, say no more lol


mostly mouse said...

Oh Julia what a great point, watching things online or on DVD you don't get those fix a snack or potty breaks. :)

It's just awful especially when watching a movie, the first half contain the normal amount of breaks, but then it seems they come faster and faster.

It becomes awful to try to sit and watch.


mostly mouse said...

No kidding! Gosh it's difficult (actually the first day seems the easiest) to get back to everything on a tight schedule. Add to that no one can sleep the night before, because they're not used to going to bed early and waking so very early (unless there's travel involved then it's ok).

We've found it takes a while to get truly back into the habits...

Hope you found your footing (because mouse is still struggling).


mostly mouse said...

Thanks Roz it was a nice break! And yes, totally into doing small things during commercial breaks, like emptying the dishwasher or getting a snack, the problem is when they start coming more frequently....

It really does make mouse crazy.


mostly mouse said...

It was amazing when we got home...everyone was so sick of being around each other, they all scurried into their little holes and turned up around meal times. For the first couple days at least, we forgot (almost) we had kids...then the arguing and complaining started....


mostly mouse said...

We had what we called the puzzle summer a couple years ago, because it rained so much. The only good part was that it kept the temps down. :)

It kinda sucks when you feel that summer wasted on bad weather.