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Friday, September 11, 2015

Every Word

On Thursday morning, mouse woke actually after Daddy, who was just finishing his run on the treadmill, and went to the bathroom to find the enema stuff out. Without thinking mouse asked him if she was supposed to enema (it was pretty evident this was what he wanted), Daddy held mouse's chin and quietly told her to do, and added after we'll shower. For some reason mouse again questioned him.

He let it go, and didn't respond or react. But remained in the bathroom while mouse went about preparing the enema. It's humiliating to have him watch it, but it also shouldn't come as any surprise he would. He knows and that's probably the point. After she emptied Daddy got the shower ready and washed her body, them himself, then left her to finish her hair while he dried off.

He wrapped mouse up in towel after, and actually dried her off. Then he said to bend over, and pushed a plug into her bottom. When he cinched the corset he did a little tighter than usual. He had her dress, then sent her downstairs to get breakfast started. Soon the kitchen was bustling with activity and the noise level had risen, but mouse remained a bit quiet.

Daddy came down looking sharp in his grey suit and sat down. Food all on the table. Coffee poured, and mouse was busy getting the lunches ready. Everything felt off to mouse. He whispered into her ear as he kissed her cheek that she should keep the plug in place for at least four hours and then reinsert it again later while she cooks dinner.

Then he was gone.

After four hours she did remove it, and then sent him a message. The day was busy full of errands and other things, and hurried home to get dinner started. Yes, she neglected to reinsert the plug, and remembered it after dinner was in the oven. Immediately she sent him a cryptic text explaining what happened. He replied that he understood.

Again when he came home in the evening, the house was chaotic but normal, mouse took off his shoes, and he asked how long until dinner. A few minutes later dinner was on the table and mouse felt this wave of calm. After dinner the calm was still there as she cleaned up.

Later he called for mouse to his study and told her to remove her dress. He inspected that the plug was still in place. Then began asking questions about the day. How did she feel after he left for work, did she complete all the errands and chores? Were there any negative feelings once the plug was removed? How did it feel, since mouse had not been plugged like that for a while?

After answering the questions truthfully, the plug had seemed to help but was distracting at first.

Then he discussed demerits. Even though they'd been light, he punished her for them using the cane. He removed the plug and had her kiss the cane. Then he gave her 14 whacks, and had her count each off. When that part was over Daddy had mouse stand in the corner while he did some work.

Crying and sniffling mouse felt terrible -- her mouth again just won't stop and she doesn't get why she's been so smart with him. After letting her stand forever, he called her to him and held her. He said it was all ok now. Then he pushed her gently toward the desk. He pressed a finger against her ass,

Soon it was replaced with him, and his groan was loud and satisfying. It felt good -- something we haven't done in a while. As he moved, secretly mouse wished this feeling would never end, but as everything in life it was soon over. After cleaning him off, Daddy had mouse dress and we went upstairs. He finally helped her off with the corset, which was a huge relief.

mouse snuggled with him, his body arranged around her own, confining almost in a claustrophobic way, yet at the same time comforting. Was he demanding in some way that mouse just submit to her body being used as a pillow? The thought swirled around in her mind for the longest time, then the feelings the plug had given her...While there was a sense of calm, it was more just comforting to her after a while. Were these thoughts connected? Probably.



  1. It sounds like you have a bit to think about


  2. I love posts that explain the whole day!

  3. For the most part, I find plugs to be therapeutic--they seem to change my attitude and make life a little better.

    Of course, there are many things that make life better, but it was totally unexpected to find that plugs are one of those things! Lol.

  4. Hi Mouse, wow, it sounds like the day was a bit of a roller coaster emotionally, but I love how it ended and how attentive Omega was :)



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