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Monday, September 14, 2015


While this is how mouse felt, there was no time this weekend to express it, we were busy, busy from Friday until Sunday night, or so it felt. Saturday Daddy played golf in the morning and then we took the family out for a walk downtown, which is something we always say we're going to do...

It's one or those things, we'll plan for it, but the weather isn't cooperating with the plans. Traffic isn't quite as bad now that tourists have returned home, but parking is always a bother. Luckily mouse remembered her reusable bags, because the walk takes us along some great farmers market type places. Everywhere it seems now, charges extra for bags or offers a small discount to people who bring their own. Daddy also had the forethought to buy some ice for the cooler, so when he found some fish, he didn't hesitate.

Sunday is a laundry day it seems for mouse, no matter how hard she tries to avoid it, there are always a load or two that needs to be done for Monday.

One thing Daddy did do, was keep mouse plugged the majority of the time, and honestly mouse cannot explain how it makes her feel. Daddy said a while ago that mouse isn't allowed to touch the toys...but now, he's made an exception for one plug. He wants to be informed if mouse does use it, but he's noticed that plug use seems to help settle her a little, much like the way a good spanking session helps. So now it's something that when mouse begins to feel grumpy or unsettled she can use.

The plug really helps!! Even as on Sunday mouse went through the backpacks and found yet more school supplies that are "required" and muttered to Daddy that it just never ends. So Daddy handed mouse some money and sent her to pick up those few extra things, while he watched some game on tv.


  1. Happy New Year mouse, blessings for you and your whole family. :)

  2. Hi Mouse, the walk sounds wonderful...and fruitful :) I'm glad the plug works so well for you :)



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