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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

One of Those Days

Monday has got to be the most difficult day of the week. Usually. This week for mouse it was Tuesday. On Monday, mouse did all the normal things, running errands, shopping -- the usual drill. Pizza was on the menu for dinner because Daddy had an after work dinner meeting that he had to attend. It's a quarterly meeting and always runs late.

So, after getting everyone settled for the night, mouse switched on Netflix to catch up on a tv show that Daddy hates (Once Upon a Time). The plan was to watch two or maybe three episodes and go straight to bed. Instead mouse watched maybe 5 (well half of the 5th), because she happened to look at the was 11:56.

Realizing the mistake, mouse turned off the tv and ran upstairs, the light was on in our bedroom, so she turned it off. This was because she knew he'd be home any minute -- and if he saw she was still up, she'd be in trouble. So she quickly got undressed in the dark, brushed her teeth, and washed her face in the dark.

Have you ever tried to brush your teeth in the dark? It took mouse three tries to get the toothpaste on the brush. Then she's sure she got too much. It was a race against time, the dark bathroom was suddenly illuminated briefly by headlights of a car coming up the road, causing mouse to freeze and then really rush. Odds were excellent the car was Daddy's, a few moments later as mouse just jumped into bed, she heard his key hit the lock. Dogs greeting him, bouncing around...briefcase landing with a thud.

Inside the bed mouse tried to fall asleep, quickly before he came upstairs, the smell of toothpaste was probably still very evident when he entered the room...but honestly, mouse drifted off before he came to bed.

Tuesday's alarm seemed to wake mouse extra early, Daddy was on his side of the bed, sleeping without a blanket so mouse went him and began to lick and suck him as she's done practically every morning that we've been together. Eventually his hand finds her head and he grabs a fistful of hair. He guides the action.

We do all the usual things, mouse even found the extra minutes for warm a towel in the dryer...yes, probably still feeling guilty for the previous night or really rather this morning. After we showered, the strings of the corset tightened, a plug inserted Daddy said nothing...

Breakfast was just organized chaos, music from her iPod playing the morning playlist (yes, she has one), but really she was exhausted. Daddy looked tired too but he had an excuse. Yes, mouse felt guilty, and felt every pause of his was intentiional, an opportunity for mouse to admit...

Now, she told herself that this was her imagination that she was projecting her guilt. These are all perfectly reasonable. rationalizations. Was the way he looked at mouse because he knew? There were questions that mouse normally might have asked about the meeting or how dull was...but she didn't ask, in fact went out of her way not to ask.

A few hours later, tossing a load of clothing into the washer mouse got a text from Daddy. It was one word, "tired". Like a slap..a jolt, mouse stared at her phone. Did he mean he's tired or was he asking she replied with "yeah".

Noncommittal, no punctuation, two can play this game (if it's a game).

No reply. So, now mouse confessed.

Of course he knew...of course he was waiting for the confession. He assumed...

Daddy had assumed mouse waited up until he was home safe.


Yeah that too.



  1. Oh dear...that stings.

    (Lol @ your label)

  2. Awww Mouse! We have all had days like that!

  3. Aww Mouse, I don't know how many times I haven't been in bed when I'm supposed to be. The guilt is awful.


    ps I love Once Upon A Time :)

  4. isn't it weird, or scary really how much we interpret everything differently when we feel guilty? it's like every comment has a double meaning.
    hugs mouse.
    monkey girl


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