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Thursday, October 22, 2015


Things have been good, really they have, but several days ago, Daddy and mouse were in bed reading. He was reading a book he's wanted to read for a while. His reading glasses down his nose, because his contacts were bothering him, he read and read, seemingly devouring the book. As he read, mouse flipped through a magazine, looking at the pictures.

Then she began to watch him, after he turned a page, mentally she began to count one Mississippi, two Mississippi, and so on...until he again, turns a page. At first mouse considered it was a bit like counting sheep. As time passed mouse realized a pattern, between each page turn was roughly 1 minute 37 seconds. Sometimes a little more or less. Assuming all the Mississippi's were correct.

Suddenly mouse felt a bit jealous of the book. It's silly to think this was even an issue but we lately we have to carve out time to talk (and other things), and here he is reading a book, he obviously is enjoying. After a few more turns of the page, mouse remarked that he's predictable.

"Pardon?" he eyed mouse over his reading glasses.

"It takes you precisely 1 minute 37 seconds to read two pages your book."

"You timed me? If you are tired, you should put the magazine away and go to sleep."

Sure at that point mouse could have simply rolled over. But she didn't she moved closer to him, vainly attempting to snuggle. It was completely passive agreesive on mouse's part. The reading lamp was in her eyes and she sighed in an annoyed way while he tried to rearrange his book. Obviously he couldn't get comfortable and told mouse to move.

That's when the argument started. Naturally mouse did the "wife" thing where she brought up all the times he's ignored her.

Daddy kept his cool, until he had enough -- because mouse didn't stop.

In a flash the bed covers were tossed back, and mouse was turned over, and his book struck her bare bottom. Several times. It was a large hard cover.

As mouse snuffled and sniffed, literally butt hurt over her treatment and Daddy covered himself up again with the blankets and returned to reading.

In the morning, after the shower, he gave mouse a lengthy maintenance spanking she really probably needed more than she'd ever admit.

Still the feeling of jealousy perplexed mouse and still does.


  1. I am about to kick Bloggers butt, this is my third attempt...

    In my experience, feelings sometimes come out at the strangest time and over little things, but there's always a bigger reason lurking around somewhere.

    Happy to see your post.

  2. even tho I'd rather not like to admit it, I understand that feeling well mouse. 😕

  3. I have the same feeling toward his computer game.

  4. I'm with ksst, computer games and techie forums. I suspect I'm just as bad with writing late into the night. we're often out of synch these days.

  5. The phone and I are bitter rivals. I try not to fall into the jealousy trap, but often around bedtime (in bed reading, like you) it tends to get worse.

    Good luck.

  6. I sometimes feel that way when DH has been to busy doing everything else, and then proceeds to just sleep, and sleep. I lie there jealous of his sleeping. Silly I know, but really just means I need him more than he has been able to give me.

  7. And cars, and football games, and golf, and.., and…
    It's not that I don't want him to have other interests but, well, for me anyhow, it's that I still want to feel I'm a primary interest. And when he's spread too thin and I become just one thing among many, that's when I get twitchy.
    So, no. You're not alone in being jealous of a seemingly silly thing.

    1. Whenever I see him on the computer I think to myself "At least it isn't the bars or gambling! Or worse, football".

  8. Sigh. Not silly. I used to be jealous of tennis and NASCAR.

  9. Of course you are jealous. We want their time. We know we can't have it but we want it. We depend on them. So, when there time is occupied by a want and not a need we become jealous. Shouldn't we be the one bringing joy and not a book?

    It's about a balance and learning to find it. Sometimes, their need is to have us there, in their presence, while they take time to enjoy a different pleasure - like a book.

  10. Okay, I'm jealous of the dishes... And Mistress' job. Why do I suddenly get the feeling she has a rather boring life?? I'm still jealous though.

  11. I like what His Slut said, and I think Mouse is too cute....

  12. My mistress and I enjoy reading books together. She chooses, then I choose. But in seriousness, I understand. Mistress has both a full time job AND is trying to get her writing career off the ground. It's hard sometimes, when I want to spend Shabbat going on a bike ride or something, and knowing she desperately needs that day to write. I compensate by keeping her in tea, coffee, or whatever she wants, and trying to be as patient as I can be. I haven't been spanked for interrupting, but I totally get it.


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