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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

You Wake Up and Time has Slipped Away

Really, we didn't mean to be silent for so long, we've both been super busy of late.  In fact, only have time for a few quick lines.  While our ships might sail in different directions, nighttime is totally different.  

There haven't been chances for mouse to make errors but it hasn't stopped her from learning.  Not presuming that he's angry or upset for some unseen reason or that mouse might be to blame for it.  It's hard when you don't get a lot of time to really talk and we all know how mouse's mind likes to runaway with her.  Last night, Daddy asked the housekeeper to stay late and took mouse out to dinner.  

There, we checked in with each other.  We laughed like we haven't in a long time.  It's not just him being busy, it's mouse too.  There's a project she's been working on, and without a firm end date in sight, things will continue to be super busy for a while for both of us.  So, we both really need to take the moment to carve out some time for us.  When we do have time (like at night), we don't want to waste it talking, when there's rope and things nearby that he can use to torment mouse with.  

We decided to brave the weather and travel to the lake house for Thanksgiving break.  We might return for the winter holidays as well, but we'll see how it goes.  

For now, we've brought back our "date night" idea, except for now, Daddy feels it's better we do it weekly; a night during the week that won't interfere with our family.  Just a couple hours to remember that we're us.  The weekends have been just family stuff -- they grow up fast and fall is really fun.  So we dose up on Benadryl and take the damn hayride.  

The memories are what matter.  


Julia said...

Glad you guys got to spend much needed time together. And a little getaway for Thanksgiving sounds perfect!

Isabel Armon said...

I'm so glad you're back and all is well, if busy!

Roz said...

Great to hear from you Mouse. Glad you two are taking time out for each other and to reconnect. A break away at Thanksgiving sounds awesome too :)


monkey girl said...

they do grow up fast...faster than what you are ready for. :)
to happy holidays w/ family mouse.

Bleuame said...

Thanks for sharing Mouse. Fall is really fun!

Anonymous said...

Its great that you're taking time out for each other.
I glanced at my blog roll and was almost worried since i'm so used to seeing you post daily.
Glad everything is going well.

Happy Holidays - ash