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Friday, November 20, 2015

Not Worried...

Good morning friends,

Recently Daddy asked a question that gave mouse a bit of pause. He asked if mouse were worried about her slavery. Worry, really wasn't the right word, as he clarified. But he was wondering since mouse hasn't blogged much. At home, when we're alone, mouse doesn't speak much about it.

Naturally, she minds her manners keeps to the rules, keeping him informed of changes or alterations. Daddy knows that mouse has been busy, just like he's been. He wanted to know if everything was ok. Any angst or upset? Something bothering mouse that she hasn't shared?

The truth is that mouse hasn't given much thought lately to her slavery or submission...



Is this just mere acceptance? Daddy's made good use of mouse, he's punished her when she disobeys him, and has kept up on maintenance. Actually when he mentioned it at first she just told him all was fine. A day later as mouse cleaned the filthy shower, she began to mull over, probably a good deal more than she has in the last several months. Did it bother her that she doesn't really think about submission, but just actively does it?

In a few ways yes. Shouldn't she be thinking of it more? The wonder of it all, how slavery makes her feel secure and gives her purpose in her service to Daddy? At one point as mouse completed the five things she does for Daddy each day it became a bit clear, she doesn't really need to fret or ponder her slavery anymore. It's more like she just accepts this is how it is. There is nothing about her life she would change or want to change.

Yesterday, Daddy gave mouse a stern lecture about leaving clothes in the laundry basket. It was one of those things that mouse completely forgot about. Now, to be sure Daddy doesn't care much if his underwear is wrinkled, but he does care about a lack of attention. Then he made mouse iron the clothes. There wasn't any pouting or argument -- she didn't try to blame anyone or anything else. Rather she just accepted the correction and promised to do better.

After the punishment was complete, mouse went up to the bedroom and knelt beside the bed. Daddy wasn't there yet, he'd given mouse instructions to just wait. Downstairs she could bear him. As exhausted as she was, she pushed herself to stay awake. How easy it would be to say screw it and jump into bed? Instead she waited. Eventually Daddy came into the room and remarked what a good girl mouse was.

He spent time giving her a long maintainance spanking, until the tears fell, then gave her a sound fuck. Using her as his personal object makes her excited the way few things do. Sure sometimes she likes to cuddle with him, but lately she finds herself enjoying this more.

"What are you slave?"

"A cunt, Master!"

Maybe there is more to write about another time.




  1. You ARE a good girl Mouse :)

  2. I'm in training right now and I was wondering if your Master ever does anything that makes you feel like your being emotionally abused. Do you have an emotional safe word?


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