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Monday, November 16, 2015

Watch This (or Not)


First, wanted to thank everyone who commented on our blog for LOL day we really do love our lurkers! Will eventually be making the rounds to all your blogs as well and leaving late comments!

Recently on a rainy Sunday we found ourselves alone, a rarity around here. So, Daddy decided to watch a movie. Sure it left mouse feeling a bit rejected but Daddy assured her it will be fun. Well, what isn't fun about snuggling with Daddy and watching an old movie. He put on Lawrence of Arabia and let mouse watch the first few minutes, then directed her to his cock. He said mouse will suck and pleasure him throughout the film.

Well, mouse thought a fun challenge. How long can this movie possibly be?

Assuming its typical, 90 minutes or two hours problem.

Except that it's like four hours long. FOUR! Buried mouth deep in cock and balls...for four hours.

He took a break during the intermission to have mouse fix him a sandwich and it was back to sucking.

Was the movie good? No clue. All mouse could hear was the sound of Daddy's voice directing her to suck his balls or just work the tip of his cock. He likes to change things up.

He said after, it was the best movie ever and will never be able to just watch it again without mouse. Really mouse can't see what the fuss about the movie is. Might have to watch it again...when Daddy is out of town.



  1. Wow, that is an impressive marathon!
    My hat is off to you!

  2. Oh mouse, OMG - that is one long film. A good film, and it's shame you couldn't see Peter O'Toole, busy as you were. And Omar Sharif... there's always Dr Zhivago, though I guess that is about three hours too. Well done you.

  3. My jaw is hurting just thinking about it
    I have never seen that movie-and now I will never be able to without thinking of this

  4. My jaw cramped in sympathy...

  5. That is a long movie, lol. I am sure he loved it. :D

  6. I'm laughing! I watched it this summer on Netfix, and loved it. But I've always liked Peter O'Toole.
    Perhaps the next movie should be Fanny and Alexander? I think that's nearly 6 hours and came out in the early 80s. :)

  7. Wow Mouse, I'm with anon lol. Kudos!

    I'm sorry I have missed you lately. I have been awol from blogland lately and completely missed LOL day and am just now catching up with a few blog friends.


  8. I had a thought today, how about the next movie, Omega goes down on you during the long movie?
    monkey girl


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