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Monday, November 23, 2015

Weekend Madness

We preordered a turkey for the upcoming holiday, in fact we ordered two of them. One the butcher cut, the other whole. We did this last year and it worked out, we able to send home plenty of left over turkey to guests and still had enough for ourselves. Sneaky isn't it? Originally we planned on going to lake house, those plans were changed. We might try for December.

The weekend was jam-packed with activity. It began late Friday night, when Daddy said mouse should bend over, she felt his finger press against her ass, then some lube and the push of something large being inserted. The plug mouse isn't fond of. It's big and scary for even mouse who usually loves the plugged full feeling. This plug feels invasive.

Then he set mouse to work sucking his cock.

Suddenly mouse felt overwhelmed with emotion and this feeling of love and trust just bubbled out of her. Can't explain where it came from, or why it seems rare that she's experienced that rush. After he came, he pulled mouse close to him and tormented different parts of her body. Twisting nipples, slapping her various areas, making her feel nasty and dirty (in that good way because she loves it).

Saturday morning all the time enema stuff was out, and he removed the plug (which was a relief), and began to fill her bottom. He cautioned for her not to let it go, but had her wait it out in the shower. It was so difficult, after being stretched all night and was humiliated when she lost all control. It felt as though she had betrayed him. It felt crushing. It wasn't helped with him being quiet, not reassuring, which made mouse feel more terrible.

With the shower head, he 'hosed' her off and just watched. Whimpering and crying mouse apologized. After enough time had passed, he held her and said all was ok. Then he watched as she cleaned the shower, bathed and shaved herself clean. He put her into a bathrobe and sent her downstairs to start breakfast. He requested pumpkin muffins and omelets, he reminded mouse the children would be up soon.

As soon as the muffins went into the oven, the smell of pumpkin and coffee filled the house. Everyone came down. Hot chocolate, coffee, and breakfast all served. The muffins were most excellent Daddy remarked. We got everyone settled and later took everyone on an outing. Back at home, we got ready for an evening out.

Daddy had mouse dress in the cocktail dress he loves on her. He tightened the strings of the corset extra tight. He dressed in a suit and led mouse down the stars. We left some quick instructions to the baby sitter and soon we off to the party. First of the season and it was nice. Good food but the conversation revolved around politics, which mouse truly is forbidden to discuss (she's too liberal minded for that crowd). So there was lots of smiles. Daddy was busy working the room, while keeping an eye on mouse.

Thank goodness some of her girlfriends were there, so we could chat a little about the kids and upcoming holidays. We seemed relieved not to discuss the news, any topic was good.

In the car, on the way home we talked a little about the party Daddy touched mouse's cheek.

Sunday was busy with the big countdown to Thanksgiving and of course the annual Black Friday shopping trip with the girls starting at midnight.

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Jake said...

Hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving, mouse. Sounds like it's off to an excellent start!