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Monday, March 14, 2016

A Few of my (Least) Favorite Things

Forget the raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens an anonymous reader would like to know:

What is your least favorite thing about your dynamic/ttyd? I used to think it was the corset, but you seem to have accepted it!

The corset, for a while would have been a winner for least favorite. Still the question piqued Daddy's curiosity who also remarked, "Surely you can think of 10." So there are a few things and really the order isn't that important -- and yet...why not?

  1. Punishments: It's a failure of sorts, isn't it? Making an error and having him notice it or knowing he will notice. There's this crushing feeling each time. Almost like embarrassment -- she should know better by now. Being held accountable isn't easy. Being held to Daddy's standards is quite difficult at times.
  2. Clover clamps: We have an old pair that mouse can wear for days. They really don't bother her much at all. Other ones did, but these were like old comfortable jeans -- yes this is a an exaggeration. Then he bought new ones and OMFG the pain was very real. Nasty damn things.
  3. Humiliation: Nothing knocks mouse off balance faster than being humiliated in some fashion. It really depends on what it is. When we played with diaper domination for a while, mouse was most mortified that she somehow enjoyed it. The idea of being will do this or wear this, is exciting to mouse but...
  4. Golden Showers: See Humilation. That and it's just eeeeew.
  5. Objectification: It's not about being humiliated or being treated little differently than a peice of furniture...Sometimes it feels like it goes on too long. Sometimes mouse wants Daddy and just wants to be held or to have sex without being bound. To feel his weight on her body, instead of feeling his hand grabbing a fist full of hair. It's not all the time, or even part of the time. Just once in a while. Usually when he's going through a stressful time at work and mouse already feels neglected a little.
  6. Expectations: Sometimes mouse does want to decide to wear sweatpants and put her hair up, drink wine and just be anti-girl. Sure, Daddy will allow mouse those times, but they're really few and far between.
  7. Enemas -- Really does anything more need to be said?
  8. The Wartenburg Wheel -- Just evil and makes her skin crawl.
  9. "You will..." -- There are times when mouse hears those words and her heart just sinks a little. Naturally it's because there's something she doesn't want to do at all -- and he steps in and says "You will...". The "you will" is sometimes followed by "not" as in, "You will not consume alcohol at rhe dinner tonight." The worst might be when he says, "I understand xxx is not someone you prefer to spend time with, but you will be cordial and polite to them." It's so hard to be respectful
  10. "Not an appropriate question slave" Now he doesn't give that answer often, usually he's quite happy to discuss anything. When he drops that statement, in just a few words he really put mouse in her place. Usually it's when he feels the need to assert his dominance. Other times he might answer -- but at that moment he chose not to. It's frustrating.



Misty said...

Likes, dislikes, aren't they all the same? ;) I mean, on one hand, yeah, they suck, but on the other hand...

abby said...

I mostly agree except for number 8. Master used that wheelie thingy just this afternoon..all over in and out...yummy...goes to show..we are alike and then again we are not.
hugs abby

Anonymous said...

on #10, I'm confused. Is it more of a timing thing? Or is it really the appropriateness of the question?
I guess I'm confused because I can't think of a question that wouldn't be ok to ask. But I can definitely think that timing would be an issue. I often asked questions when it wasn't appropriate.
just curious.

mostly mouse said...

Sometimes it is a timing thing. Sometimes it's because he doesn't want to talk about it. Sometimes, he uses it to keep purposely in the dark about a plan he has.

It's just annoying...whatever the context. 😄

mostly mouse said...

Well, mouse usually calls it a meat tenderizer. :p

mostly mouse said...

True, almost every one of either needed or sometimes liked.

Being a masochist is confusing.