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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Time Flies so Quickly

Our next question comes from Jaybee90 who asked:

Love reading the answers to all these questions! That being said, can I ask a question on this post or should I ask one on the original post? If allowed here, my question is:

You can ask on any post!

Would you mind telling us about your relationship with Omega at work, prior to dating him? Were you unknowingly (or knowingly) submissive toward him at work? Did you interact with him at work regularly? If I remember correctly, you worked together a long while ago, before you began dating. That's the timeframe I'm asking about. Sorry if I've crossed any boundaries and asked about a time in your life you'd rather not write about.

Thanks for all your posts, mouse!

Yes, when mouse first met Omega, she was just starting out and worked as a receptionist (which is already a humbling position), and was always submissive. Although young mouse might argue she was just being "nice" or "helpful" she always referred to men as "sir" and women as "ma'am". Because she was on the floor -- and not really on the ladder of success.

Once, when she first started she had dropped a very important call to Omega, and within minutes he'd bolted from his ivory tower and gave mouse such a tongue lashing, that she just cried for hours. Also, mouse was quite innocent when it came to life and experiences -- she wasn't technically old enough to drink in a bar.

Omega wasn't really interested much in mouse (he prefered women who were experienced and comfortable), although mouse was quite smitten with him. Really, all the girls were -- generally women like polite men. Omega was always gentlemanly, in fact many women mistook it for interest he didn't have. The "I think he likes me" type of thing. But outwardly he seemed driven by his expanding career, rarely dated anyone from the office. That said we did go out once or twice. Once to lunch as a "thank you" for doing something and another time to dinner. Both times he was cordial, but seemed uninterested. He probably found mouse dull -- although she had traveled through Eurppe, wasn't really worldly. He was clearly vetting mouse in a way and she failed. Remember mouse is like 20, dropped out of college, had no future plans really, very little sexual experience and no family. In other words unless he talked about himself there wasn't much for mouse talk about.

While both saw the submission, only Alpha was willing to test the waters. It should be mentioned he was, despite having many faults, was brilliant at his job. He was the one who took mouse to lunch and gave her a "dirty" book full of images that she can to this day see vividly in her mind, but cannot recall the book's title. Women nude, bound, with whip marks, but didn't appear fearful, in fact they appeared serene. The images were disturbing to mouse and incredible, still she wasted no time in returning the book and said it was horrible or maybe offensive. As if it were nothing, he just slipped the book into his desk and said if she wished to talk -- his door was open.

It took weeks of replaying those images in her head, maturbating at the thought, thinking, always thinking what it would be like, before she even considered a question that probably sounded a good deal better in her head than it was outside it. In his office, after delivering some files his secretary asked for, mouse asked something like if the women were happy. Not sure if he knew what mouse was asking, or if he expected it, or what, but he paused and said very simply "very."

Now, Omega always felt it was wrong of Alpha to attempt all this. He said years later with all the women who knew they were masocjists or submissive or wanted to be collared, why would Alpha waste time on mouse? Of course Omega did know the answer -- Alpha didn't want a girl who understood consent, or knew her way around a dungeon. He wanted someone who was the opposite.

It was actually Alpha who had mouse promoted. Then at least she was on the ladder but remained kind to those below her, subordinates were treated with respect and those above her were handled respectfully. Yes, she worked closely with both men, but at that time, they knew who she was and so did mouse.



TurbineGuy said...

Sorry if I missed it, but is there any summary post that explains who everybody is and the timeline and the basics.

Alpha, Omega, Daddy, it's making my head hurt.

I need a dummy's guide to Mouse.

mostly mouse said...

Lmao! ❤️

Alpha was the abusive owner of mouse, the one who got her into the lifestyle.

Omega is daddy. Also a friend of Alpha (we all worked together).

We all met in the late 80s. alpha became mouse's "owner" in the very early 90s. In 2002 he died of cancer.

Omega and mouse lost touch after a while and reconnected later....look at the tab "before the blog" for that story.

Hope that helps. :)

Jz said...

"mouse in miniature..."

Anonymous said...

It still amazes me, how far you've come. Thanks for answering! :)

ancilla_ksst said...

I finally went back and read all your Before the Blog entries. What a fascinating story you have! You could write a book. I'm serious.

Anonymous said...