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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A Cup of Ambition

Never would have imagined so many questions! This is wonderful -- really mouse should just run out of things to say more often and just open the door to her readers!

The next question is from DelFonte who wondered:

I'm enjoying reading your candid answers. Are you working? I might have misread the post about your routine, but I wasn't sure if this is a change for you. If you are, do you struggle making the adjustment from work to slave?

Then the lovely Fiona came out of hiding and also asked:

Great answer. I feel like you have a lot of great info to share. You always seem to have your act together. My question is...sorry, I took a hiatus from blog land, did I miss you working outside the home? How are you enjoying that? What is your favorite toys and what do you do to meditate and focus on your submission?



First, thank you both for the lovely compliments, taking the time to read and ask questions. (This is something mouse should have said with each answer post).

Yes, mouse did return to work last year. It's been a juggling act, where mouse has to balance work and everything. It was an adjustment in the beginning, but as time passed seemed to get easier as mouse found her groove. The job does make accommodations for mouse, but honestly if it wasn't for her phone, she'd probably get lost. People laugh at all the different alarms she had set daily. That was Daddy's idea, because Fiona, mouse isn't that nearly together as she'd like to be.

Yes, there are times -- especially when a deadline needs to be met, that mouse feels the pressure to boss everyone. It's hard to spend a day being in charge and suddenly drop that. There are moments when mouse will somewhat bark orders. Daddy gets it, and will usually give her shoulders a squeeze as a signal that she's not at work. It also translates to her punishments.

Actually the more mouse thinks about it, even when she drives because lately she's always feeling behind schedule, that she's been super impatient. Now, there are things that mouse had down to the minute, like cooking breakfast each morning, and it doesn't take much to screw that up. One thing put in the wrong place can derail it quickly.

Fiona also asked a wonderful question about toys and meditating. Favorite toys, mouse would say hands down is the butt plug. When she's feeling out of sorts or disjointed in an odd way it calms her. Can't really explain why it works. Sometimes she will text Daddy and ask permission to leave it in longer and he said it's a "tell" that mouse is stressed.

Lately it seems that while we've both been bogged down with life from all angles, mouse hasn't felt connected to her submission. Sure, the things are done, but it's more like a rote behavior, much like following a recipe. First you do this, then you add that, mix well...

The long answer is, right now, there isn't anything special mouse does to feel connected to her submission to Daddy. Hopefully, as things return to more a balanced state...but for's more like being a sail on a boat that isn't thoroughly secured and just flapping.

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DelFonte said...

Thank you for your answer. Work mindset is often quite different from all others. It's like an armour that has to be worn then lost at the end of each day. Are you planning on going to the lake this summer?