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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Voices are Heard but Nothing is Seen


We're still taking questions, and Julie asked:

Great post as usual mouse, it is so good to know that all of our lives are tempered with the reality of life in general.

I was wondering what your ideal day would consist of?

First, thanks for the compliment, we really do appreciate the people who read regularly our blog.

As to mouse's ideal day....gosh -- honestly mouse would settle for a hassle free day. However an ideal day would have to include waking up feeling refreshed and before the alarm. The shower water is not too warm or cold. Everything is placed exactly as it should be and breakfast is easy. There are no complaints or whining about anything.

Continuing on this ideal day, the only Traffic would be on the iPod, playing through the car speakers. There would be no lines at the grocery store, or butcher and there would be a parking place right in front. Outside the temperature would be warm but not too warm with no clouds. At work there would be no frantic phone calls or misplaced files. The day would be productive and abbreviated.

The house would be perfectly clean (including all the laundry washed, folded and put away) and dinner already prepped so all the incredibly organized mouse would have to do is turn on the oven and slide it in.

Then there would be time to take a long hot bath and read a chapter or two any book by Jane Austen (or maybe Jaye Peaches aka DelFonte) while sipping a glass of wine.

Kids would just appear -- because of the transporter technology mouse invented and manufactured during her lunch break (and she says she'll save the replicator technology for the next ideal day).

Omega would arrive home from an impromptu fishing trip where he caught nothing but a large erection. He would spank mouse, for not developing that transporter technology sooner and then we'd have amazing sex.

After the amazing meal mouse would read some more, while the children played quietly and didn't complain in the least at bedtime.

After spending time with Omega being used solely for his pleasure, we'd simply drift to sleep.

While mouse realizes this probably wasn't what Julie had in mind, it was fun to write.

Honestly, an ideal day is any day that mouse and Daddy haven't a thing to do but enjoy ourselves. Could be a family thing or private fun time. Just being together is enough.


SugarSack said...

if you need an investor for your technology let me know ... I would love to see that :)


julie said...

Actually I can completely relate to your answer, which is honest and completely grounded in reality :D

DelFonte said...

Thank you, I'm honoured to be in the same company as Jane Austen and a glass of wine, both excellent companions.
I love your ideal day. It's very inventive. That's the fun part of writing, creating the ideal fantasy.

Omega said...

I chuckled at your 'Ideal Day,' my mouse. The bit about my catching no fish was not floundered.


Anonymous said...

I love your ideal day! "Kids would just appear" hahah