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Monday, March 21, 2016


Our next question comes from an anonymous reader who asked about Daddy:

From your blog your Master is very consistent. Is there times he isn't consistent and how does he stay consistent?

Daddy was curious about how mouse would answer this, since it pertained directly to him. As Master, HoH or just Daddy -- Omega rarely makes a rule he doesn't on some level care about. Some are harder to enforce and he realizes that, some of the mental expectations he has for mouse point to that.

Sometimes when real life gets too real, Daddy will "let go" or offer a "pass" on some things, but rarely every thing. The reason he can remain fairly consistent is because it's important to him. It doesn't need to be important to anyone else. He finds that a few Doms make the mistake of allowing their submissive to set the rules based on what they think other subs do, or what they think their Master would want (based on other Doms they might know). Then they lament that the rules aren't enforced in a meaningful way.

Daddy actually cares deeply that we live in a fairly tidy home. If he didn't care it would be far more difficult for him to enforce it. If he didn't care about how mouse dresses, he wouldn't pick out her clothing or undergarments. Sure, sometimes he will give a vague idea, "like wear a skirt and blouse" but he'll pick out the undergarments. His favorite thing is to have mouse dress very outwardly conservative. But underneath she's like a slut. He likes that, and has often said that many Doms miss out on that kind of fun.

But as he pointed out, the Dom has to really want a certain rule. Also they can change their minds (like everyone does on occasion). Daddy knows himself pretty well -- very self-aware about what he likes or doesn't like. He can handle it when mouse becomes a little snippy -- but he always makes a mental note. If her snippiness is because we're having a fun discussion -- he will probably overlook it. At least if his mood is generous. When she does become a careless with her words or worse her tone, it does get her into trouble.

Also, mouse isn't sure that if he routinely ignored his expectations, except when he became too annoyed by them, it would leave mouse feeling very unbalanced. How would she ever know she was doing anything wrong? Daddy's big on giving verbal and non-verbal clues -- like his famous eyebrow arch, or even feigned shock. Those let her know that he is keeping score, but even if she sees none of that, come Thursday she will be told in some detail all her infractions.


SugarSack said...

Hi mouse... I've been lurking for quite a while (years actually) and have a question about your recent changes.

based on your blog (which I realize isnt the whole of your life) you and Omega seemed very happy and content and even financially secure.... the recent return to work brings up this question in my mind... what was the reason ? was it strictly financial ? were you getting "bored" at home ? did Omega want you to return for other reasons ? and are you working with him ? or in a completely different company / industry ?

thank you


Anonymous said...

Thank you mouse for answering my question. It was a big help!

Anonymous said...

The eyebrow I can only imagine it.

Bleue D'âme said...

Oh, Mouse! I love how you answered here.
So much of it really does stem from the Dom's wants but its not in a casual way of like, "Hey I like red" it does come from a place of matters to them.

Jasmine Wooten said...

Hello mouse and Omega,

I recently had just left an abusive M/s relationship with someone for a few years. I am unsure how to untangle the I am seeing a therapist. Needing advice:
How can I separate and identify what was abusive behavior from what the dynamic should be? How do I navigate the PTSD symptoms I have from my past relationship with my current partner? How do I talk about M/s relationships in the realm of psychology/psychiatry?

Thanks, any help would be great. I've been reading your blog for years.


Kelli said...

hi mouse, thank you so very much for sharing your thoughts and world with us..I found your blog a couple weeks ago while reading A Dauntless Journey (love also!) you're so sweet, funny and most of all encouraging. I've learned so much already and I cannot stop reading. I see a lot of myself and my Dom in you and makes me smile, laugh, even cry because the emotions are so strong! I'll stop because I could go on and on but THANK YOU! xxxx