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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Secret Places

The next question is from ancilla_ksst who asked:

Do you have a favorite spot in the house to "play"? If so, where is it? Where is Omega's favorite, also, if different?

Goodness, another good question. While a good deal happens in his study, Daddy tends to reserve that for punishment. In fact, mouse hasn't thought about how he keeps it separate. Our favorite play space is in our bedroom. The bed is huge, and a old four post type, so Daddy has lots of posts to tether mouse to. Then we also have a chaise lounge. He added a few heavy eye hooks to the underside. He seems to enjoy using that because it's veristlle. He can position her up higher or lower depending on what he has in mind.

It's also the prefect place for a long maintenance spanking.



ancilla_ksst said...

Very pretty! We have a chaise longue also in the bedroom, but it is narrow. We have used it a few times, but not regularly. Thank you for answering my questions! I was wondering about the study, too, because you mention it in connection with punishment most times.

Anonymous said...

Love reading the answers to all these questions! That being said, can I ask a question on this post or should I ask one on the original post? If allowed here, my question is:

Would you mind telling us about your relationship with Omega at work, prior to dating him? Were you unknowingly (or knowingly) submissive toward him at work? Did you interact with him at work regularly? If I remember correctly, you worked together a long while ago, before you began dating. That's the timeframe I'm asking about. Sorry if I've crossed any boundaries and asked about a time in your life you'd rather not write about.

Thanks for all your posts, mouse!

SirQsmlb said...

Is that YOUR chaise? We have been looking for a spanking bench, but that looks like it would be a great ... multi-purpose piece. Any way you could share information about yours?


mostly mouse said...

We have one exactly like it in our bedroom - same color and everything. We got it at a consignment shop close to where we live. The reason we went for that was because we wanted something up there to sit on while we dress, put shoes on, etc and because our room is in an attic, getting a sofa through the door was next to impossible.

It was something, when we bought the house we hadn't thought about. Some of furniture we had in the room wouldn't fit through the doorway. Like the antique wardrobe closet that's in Daddy's study.

mostly mouse said...

They're pretty popular here, so they're widely available in most furniture stores.

Anonymous said...

I've been following your blog for years now. I just wanted to say thank you. It's helped me so much and gave me some perspective. So again thank you