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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Tangled Up in Blue

This next question is from an anonymous reader who'd like to know:

Do you still where the corset daily and the plug?

What is your daily routine like?

Yes, and yes, mouse still has a love/hate thing with the corset. There's some weird voodoo psychology that happens when he forbids touching the strings. The plug, is like an old friend and very relaxing -- soothing in some way. Feeling it and knowing its there and why she wears it.

The other question, well that will no doubt be quite lengthy and dull, but she will try....

Our weekday life begins around 5:45AM. Oral for Daddy is the best way to wake him. Then shower....blah blah blah. Blah blah, run down stairs to start breakfast. Since Daddy allows very few processed foods, mouse cooks breakfast each morning (the more you do it the faster you become). Our routines vary depending on the day of the week. Lots of time, mouse will cook a more elaborate breakfast. Less time, and it'll be like scrambled eggs, fruit, and whatever. We use a French press to make coffee.

Before going to work, mouse will throw a load of wash into the washer and set the timer to delay. But even that's varies, on days the housekeeper comes she will throw clothes into the dryer, while doing her other tasks. After mouse comes home, folds the clothes, puts them away...blah blah.

Dinner is usually between 5:30-7pm depending on the day of the week and what time Daddy gets home from his workday. Also that depends on how long it takes to cook. A roasted chicken might take 90 minutes (that's usually for a 4-5 pound chicken). Pot roast (or corned beef) might take 3 hours or longer. Whatever, while its cooking, mouse will usually unload the dishwasher (it's run two times a day, once in the morning and once at night), set the table...

After dinner, dishwasher is run, usually on a longer cycle than breakfast. Preparations are made for the next day -- getting lunches together...organizing the fridge.

Blah blah blah.

At bedtime mouse will kneel beside the bed and ask permission to get into it.

Sometimes if she goes to bed way before he does, like on super busy days when he notices her nodding off, he'll just say go to bed. Permission to enter it isn't required then.

Most nights Daddy will make use of his slave, then we will talk a little. He always holds mouse in his arms at night. At first mouse hated it, but over the years she's gotten accustomed to it. His body seems to radiate a lot of heat to mouse so she'll often sleep without a blanket. Now, even in the summer months, it's welcome (unless it's super hot and we're at the lake).

The next day, it all begins again.

Sunday is big exception day, we all grocery shop that day. Then we get home, mouse will prep the meals for the week.

For example, if the meal is a roasted chicken, the chicken (still wrapped up) will go in a Pyrex dish with a bag (mouse just reuses the plastic bags you use for vegetables at the market) of the other stuff she'll need. The reason for the bag is if the chicken (or meat) leaks. For chicken, one onion, fennel, carrots, apple and orange, plus fresh herbs go into that bag with a clove of garlic. That way it's all together. All the weekday meals are planned on Sunday. However because of the lack of refrigerator space, mouse does organize the meals a few times a week this way and curses herself if she gets lazy or forgets.

Lettuce for sandwiches, is trimmed, washed, wrapped in paper towels and stored in the fridge. They'll usually keep a week or longer this way. Daddy doesn't eat much bread, but again is against processed stuff, so only really good breads that contain basic ingredients are allowed.



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  1. Things like washing and chopping the lettuace up did your daddy enforce that or did you?



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