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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

You Don't Have to Worry

We have a first question! Drumroll.............

Hi mouse, before you went on vacation last summer, you mentioned Omega's other partner. If I'm not being pushy or crossing any lines, how are you dealing with that?


First, you're totally not crossing any lines at all. It's a great question, and a timely one also. While "Pet" and mouse aren't the best of friends like say Lucy and mouse are, we've certainly bonded a few times. Once she had an issue and couldn't reach Daddy, so she called the house. We ended up talking for a bit, and mouse had no problem passing along her message to Daddy. Their dynamic is a little different than the one mouse shares with Daddy.

Not saying that's good or bad, it's just different. He's much more Dom only with her. Whereas with mouse he can be Dom-like and very much Daddy like. They, mouse gathers, see each other when they can, but keep up in other ways. The Pet isn't his slave, at least the way mouse is, and doesn't want to be.

Around December though there was a breakthrough on mouse's part. They wanted to get together, but were lacking in time (might be worth mentioning Pet travels a lot for her work). So, mouse very lightly suggested that the Pet just come to our house. It was a weekend day where the kids were all scattered anyway. After making sure it was really ok with mouse they made plans and quite honestly mouse was perfectly fine with it all. Later that evening we did talk about it. He was a little concerned about mouse (given her history with getting freaky about it all) and was quite happy to see that she was fine. No, mouse didn't stay in the house but instead went out for a few hours to do some shopping.

Can't explain why mouse is ok with it, but maybe it's just been time, a healthy level trust that made her realize it's not a terrible or sky is falling type of thing.

Thanks so much for the great question Isabel.



Isabel Armon said...

Oh mouse, that makes me happy to hear!! Oh, and thank you for taking the time to answer. I follow your blog regularly (and re-read from the beginning every so often) and I'll admit to feeling invested in y'all,respectfully of course!

mostly mouse said...

It was mouse's pleasure. 😊
❤️'s and hugs,

Anonymous said...

wow mouse, you are truly amazing.
I'm in awe of you. really.
and I'm humbled by how strong your connection with Omega.
tearing up a bit actually.
monkey girl

mostly mouse said...

Aww thanks, but it's taken years and years to arrive at this place. We work hard and well together.

❤️'s and hugs for you too!