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Thursday, March 3, 2016


Our second question comes from Misty...

1. What is your favorite dinner to cook for the family? What is his favorite dinner that you cook?

2. I'm (oddly) curious why you don't write about your punishments anymore...

3. I'm always interested in finding new (to me) musical any I might not have heard of? I'm looking for happy stuff, something good to start the day off with. :)

Fantastic questions three things close to mouse's heart. A favorite dinner to cook for the family would probably a toss up between roasting a chicken, because it just smells like home, even if it comes out a bit dry and probably a pot roast.

His favorite, aside from anything seafood -- but mouse really can't cook that -- he will cook it himself. The seafood issue mouse has is that she can't eat it, she's allergic. When you can't taste it, it's difficult to cook it properly. But his other favorite...he said he couldn't pick one, he loves it when mouse made gnocchi...he'd never had it before and just about died -- but anything Italian he enjoys. It's not often we have that. That said one thing we do have on very special occasions is corned beef and the recipe is the only one she doesn't share. Lucy's been after it for years now. It's like the only thing mouse cooks that she knows for a fact will always come out perfect.

Demerit Thursday,..real life decided to take a big stinky shit on us. While there have been punishments, they just haven't been blog worthy. It's the same stuff, stressed out mouthy slave talks back to Master, who makes a note...bend over the desk or just grab ankles, after corner time, rinse repeat.

Music...that's a huge subject and without knowing what kind of music you already listen to, nearly impossible to answer. Lately mouse has been listening to more jazz. Daddy really was responsible for that. That said, she's also been listening to more 70s music...Earth, Wind and Fire was always a favorite, but back then mouse couldn't have their album next to Led Zeppelin, so those ended in the closet. Hidden from friends who would give her a hard time for "liking disco". Because we all knew disco sucked.

Some bands mouse might recommend are ones that she's turned Daddy on to over the years. Tower of Power (What is Hip is currently on her morning music iPod playlist). Older Chicago (go back to the first album). Journey (anything up to Infinity). It's hard...without having a direction to suggest.

If you're into 60s stuff, and like typical stuff from that time (The Beatles, Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Cream, etc) You might try Jefferson Airplane, New Riders of the Purple Sage, Traffic, Quicksilver Messenger Service or Its a Beautiful Day. (Yes all band names).

That's about all mouse can think of, off the top of her head.


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  1. Thanks for answering!

    Roasted chicken is my go to dinner (unless, of course, I'm running behind) and the family loves it, too, so it's a win/win. After I started using an enameled Dutch oven (6 quart) not one has been dry. I love that pot! We usually have enough left over to make chicken noodle soup, just another reason to love it. My husband also loves corned beef, though I can't say I feel the same...maybe I should do some recipe research, on that and gnocchi.

    I hate it when life takes a big stinky shit on you! I mean, how rude and inconvenient can you get?! I get ya', same thing, different week.

    I did think about telling you what I normally listen to, but I like broadening my horizons, so I left it up to you. :) Sorry about that. I'm not so big on country, rap, or heavy metal, though there are exceptions.
    Who can resist to "do a little dance" when a disco song comes on? I can't, that's for sure! Lol. I definitely need to add some of that to my playlist.
    I haven't heard of Tower of Power, but I know Chicago and Journey for sure. And I love 60's stuff! Thanks for the list. Of course I know The Beatles, Janis, The Doors, The Stones, etc, but I don't think I've heard of any of the other bands you listed. I'm so excited to find new stuff! Thanks again!


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