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Friday, March 4, 2016

Piece of Cake...

Our next questions come from the immortal Miz Jz, in which she queries:

OK, I have two.

One just for you, and one that I'll be asking everyone.

(And the hell with this whole "appropriate" thing!)

You're hosting a "Meet The Bloggers" party and we're all coming…

Please tell me what you'll serve, what the playlist will be, what kind of icebreakers you'll have, and what you'd like us to bring.

(And whether you think Omega will hang around or head for the hills! ;-p)

What would your superhero name be?

(bonus: describe your outfit)

The first part gave mouse a bit of a headache, because...its just But mouse will try.

First Omega would head for the hills. Seriously. The only way he might be persuaded to stay is if he could demonstrate his rope skills, but we can't everyone bound and gagged. So we'll just assume he's out -- probably with DV and visiting the local pub.

Music will be anything funky. The 70s playlist that's 6 hours long would be perfect. Sorry no spoilers. For food, mouse would supply lots of booze and fatty carby things to soak up said booze. But hopefully the shining star would be the cake. She would totally master the Niagra Falls Cake (pictured above). Because it's chocolate, dense and rich and just awesome.

Icebreaker...honesty kinky charades. We could get Knotty Little Monkey to act out a scene from Secretary. Or maybe even you.

Another idea is since we all read each others blogs, we could pick out the names of (our) Doms and everyone has to act one out or describe them. Because they all seem to have different things they do.

Honestly the best parties are just full of fun and laughter.

Super hero. Sassy., Super power (even tho you didn't ask) is a super bouncy vagina, hit it the wrong way and you'd get knocked through a wall. The outfit would have a pink cape and strappy stilettos. Probably a corset.


DelFonte said...

Chocolate cake and a 70s playlist, I so want to come.
lol your sassy superhero, she's winner!
Hugs DF

ancilla_ksst said...

I wanna come to the party! What fun that would be!

Dauntless Vitality said...

As I was reading this I was thinking of stopping by to meet everyone and say hello and then Omega and I head for the bar. And what do you know, you had the exact same thought. LOL! I love it! Although, sitting in the corner watching all this take place and just observing might be quite comical as well. After all, that's what a good Dom does... sits back, takes mental notes, and quietly learns all he can. :)


Jz said...

Oh, Excellent!

I'm sorry the planning gave you a headache but I think you did a fine job!
In fact, when you master that Niagra Falls cake, we're going to have to insist on this party happening!! Goodness me, that looks amazing!

I like the ice breakers.
I was thinking (because if I asked you this question, it felt only fair to plan a similar party in my own head) we could describe what we expected each other to look like (without names) and then see who could guess the name.
But I like your variation far better. :-)

Sassy is an excellent superhero name and I'm sure you would just ROCK the outfit.
I will admit that I had never considered the power of a bouncy vagina before…

(and thank you for making me immortal. Icing on the [non-Niagra Falls] cake, that!)

abby said...

I will do anything to be invited to this party, even stop lurking on your blog and leave a FUN!!
hugs abby

little monkey said...

If I get a choice I want to act out the last scene... Tied to a tree getting nailed. I'll need some props. And a volunteer Dom :)