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Friday, February 17, 2017


Monday night, hours after posting mouse was musing about the rituals and how much she truly does enjoy them, but what happens between morning and night?  Does having rituals throughout the day help, or if everything becomes ritual, does that mean it's all really just a rote task?

Over the past several weeks, perhaps more than a month, Master has altered the punishment routine, while Thursday is still Master's night of choice to discuss demerits, he begins with having mouse stand in the corner, then she must confess to him problem areas and report the times she's failed to meet an expectation, he might add to that list other observances that mouse has missed.  The biggest change is that now, mouse must ask him to punish her.  Using simple words mouse must express that she's been wrong, recount to him what she did which of the expectations were broken, offering a solution of what she should do next time and then beg to be corrected.

The conversation goes something like this.

"Master your slave has done many terrible things this past week which are in violation of your expectations that you have laid out for mouse to follow, specifically not preparing a meal plan and going to the market without a list.  Those actions resulted in not having the needed food on hand when they were needed and created the need to make multiple trips to the market.  In the future mouse will make a proper shopping list and submit it for your approval along with a meal plan for the week.  To demonstrate how profoundly sad mouse is over this she begs that you punish her."

Then he will accept or reject the apology outright, or make adjustments to the recommendation made by mouse.  The meal issue was real but he rejected the added work of checking that the meal plan be submitted to him.  Instead he wants it posted on the refrigerator for all to see -- this also solves the problem of the age old "whats for dinner tonight." The he asked how he should punish mouse and that is when mouse answers "however it pleases you."

The begging part can go on for as long as Master feels is needed and until he's sure that mouse is being sincere in accepting and desiring this correction.  Then he will have her undress or lift her skirt, stand, kneel or present herself however he chooses.  Counting the blows mouse now must thank him after each.

This change has an effect on mouse that she hadn't anticipated, it has seemed to have increased her focus and now when she does have any sort of problem or issue, she goes to him right away with it asking for his guidance so she doesn't break an expectation.  This has led to a more confident and humble mouse and a much happier Master.  Strange how things work out?


Roz said...

Hi Mouse, rituals really do have their place and definitely increases focus. Changes in rituals of course have the same effect. It must be difficult to have to lay out your transgressions and ask to be punished. I'm glad the change is working well for you both :)


mostly mouse said...

Thanks Roz, it's sort of like going to confession (back in her catholic days), Master tends to notice areas where mouse has failed (more or less) but lately he has been surprised at areas where mouse feels guilty because she did or said something that was counter to what he expects from her. It actually does help.