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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Sleepless Night

Late one evening recently before mouse had her latest in a long line of revelations, and felt the need, although she hadn't made the connection yet, to be extra pleasing. After removing his shoes, mouse kissed his feet. Now, no one was around at that moment, and it largely went unnoticed even by Master. Still thre was this strong feeling that she needed to atone for something she didn't understand.

Master and mouse went through the rest of the evening in relative silence, which to be honest isn't unusual since we have an exceptionally noisy household. Later, Master called mouse to him and made use of he mouth, and told her she was a good girl. After a bit of rough use, mouse settled, anchored at Master's feet.

There's been a huge shift in mouse's thinking lately, seeing so clearly the flaws in previous lines of thought. Mistakes that cannot be undone.

Another step taken in the journey. 


Fondles said...

Steps are good. Glad you are having revelations. Those are always good too.

Roz said...

This is wonderful Mouse, as Fondles said, those steps and realisations are good :) It certainly is a learning curve.