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Monday, July 2, 2018

In the Evening on a Friday Night

Sweet days of summer, the jasmine's in bloom
July is dressed up and playing her tune
And I come home from a hard days work
And your waiting there, not a care in the world

We left in the middle of the week ahead of the traffic to the lake, stopping along the way in our usual places. We picked up groceries we didn't bring along with us until just before making the final push and arrived in the morning. Then there was the ritual cleaning, unpacking and making sure that everything was in good working order (it was). Later we relaxed, having a leisurely meal outside, the first of the season. Master hung the twinkle lights mouse brought for the deck area. 

A day later, his family members began to show up for our 4th of July celebration that will happen in just few more days. Right now, mouse has a few private moments to do a quick post from the coffee shop with the best cup in the area.

A couple days ago, Master was on the dock with his sibling fishing, from the short distance mouse could hear their laughter. Ten minutes had passed since mouse last offered them something cool to drink or to fetch something from the kitchen and it was too soon to pester them again unless the temperatures continued to rise. On the deck mouse was reading a book without much success since she was watching Master for any unspoken sign he might want something. His sister-in-law "Marcie" approached mouse and sat down on the deck chair beside her and again made the remark how lucky mouse was to have Him. "He's such a gentleman and polite," Marcie gushed, "Did you see when he held the door open for me? I can't remember the last time "Phil" did that for me." In reply mouse just smiled looking up from the book she wasn't really reading and holding her hand up over her eyes to create a visor from the blaring sun. We sat for a few moments longer while she purred and gushed about Master. Then she departed down toward the dock.

Looking at the time, mouse knew it wasn't time to bother Master, only two more minutes had passed and mouse does try hard to refrain from bothering him too much or often. Now, "Marcie" isn't her real name (neither is Phil for that matter, but Marcie is one of those self proclaimed feminists that in one short breath will say she's smarter than her husband and doesn't need really need him, but in the next completely swoon over another man who's simply being polite to her. There's feminist Marcie down at the dock berating her husband for not using the right bait, and looking at his brother (Master), touching her hair and giving off that body language that all women do when they're flirting.

Now mouse wondered briefly what "Marcie" would think if she only knew that there's a reason a for mouse's nearly burka like clothing was because that polite gentleman had growled into mouse's ear and whipped her body with a willow branch he'd cut from the tree that Marcie had been sitting under for shade? What would Marcie think knowing that her brother in law had a penchant for overpowering his wife, using her as He wished. That her body was thoroughly marked and used up, holes filled for his enjoyment and of course, mouse loved every moment. Each slap to her face was like a precious gift.

After a few more minutes had passed and the temperatures had risen quickly, mouse went down to the dock, crouched down and asked if anyone needed anything, remarking that it was nearly time to put together some lunch. Master gently grabbed the back of mouse's neck toward him into a kiss, which also pulled her somewhat to her knees (probably his intent), his arm held mouse in position for a bit and then released her. Marcie was talking about politics with them so mouse eased away to prepare lunch and make some lemonade.

Marcie pretended to help cut two or three vegetables for a salad, then just wandered away, but showed up for lunch. Master and "Phil" came back because the dock was getting too warm and settled at the long table on the deck, with Marcie, while mouse was putting out the lunch and getting the kids settled. Then they went to get their own food, while mouse got a plate for Master and kept busy fetching extras for the kids.

After, "Phil" nudged "Marcie" suggesting that she help clean up, since she'd done absolutely nothing and made Marcie get defensive and blush with embarrassment, a look and tone that mouse was well acquainted with. Master arched his eyebrow at her protest and it was interesting that she backed down. In the kitchen mouse was wrapping up the left over salad, and steeling herself for a rant from Marcie. Naturally Marcie didn't fail to disappoint, and grumbled about her husband. Biting her tongue and trying to not show any reaction when Marcie said that "Phil" would want a Stepford Wife and went on to explain that men should share all responsibilities in that "am i right" tone of voice. Ignoring those mostly indirect jabs to mouse and the way we live, Marcie continued to rant.

At one point mouse handed her a dirty plate and Marcie just stared holding it and then slowly slid it into the dishwasher, like she's never loaded one in her life. Knowing it would have been rearranged, mouse continued to hand her dishes, in the hope that she'd notice but eventually she said, "it's full." with that now characteristic superior tone and began to leave the kitchen when Master appeared in the doorway and handed her a glass that was missed (well it wasn't really missed a child left it in an odd place). In just a few well-chosen but extremely polite words, he let Marcie know that it was her place to remain until the kitchen was tidy. Quickly mouse began rearranging the dishwasher and made room for every plate, glass and cup and Marcie took forever washing a cutting board but said nothing else.

After Phil invited Marcie to play a game of cards, while mouse checked on the kids and Master, who was in the hammock, while he wanted only a glass of water, he told mouse to get her book and sit beside the hammock. The gentle sway of the hammock bumping into mouse as she sat on the deck with her book in a most lady-like way, and when he indicated, mouse without much thought, would  hand him the glass, so he could drink and then he'd hand it back to mouse. It was probably then it dawned on mouse that she was displaying her status in Master's life to people outside of our children. He wasn't using mouse like a table exactly, but yes he sort of was. Occasionally mouse noticed Marcie glancing in our direction but mouse doesn't know what she saw or thought.

Dinner that evening, Marcie seemed a bit more attentive to at least her children, and was a bit more naturally helpful in that awkward "don't want to be yelled at or called lazy" way. A fast moving summer storm moved in so everyone moved into the house. Quietly mouse helped the kids with a puzzle, while also played a couple hands of hearts and made sure drinks were served.

The next morning shortly after breakfast, which Marcie begrudgingly helped with after she was shamed again. More siblings and families arrived. After getting them settled into rooms, children were relocated to air mattresses on the floor of the living room. Master whispered that we should just leave everyone and go to a hotel, but instead settled on taking mouse for a walk. Trying to find a private moment isn't always easy. Since the marks from the willow branch had faded considerably, Master refrained from marking mouse. Master didn't comment on "Marcie" or invite mouse to share her thoughts, but instead praised mouse for showing and demonstrating the grace of slavery. He also said to 'keep it up,' remembering her place as a slave.

Maybe the next few days will be more interesting than mouse thought? 


Jz said...

I have absolutely no doubt of your ability to out-class any other woman in the room, but still... don't you sometimes wish they'd at least make it challenging for you? ;-D

Roz said...

Hi Mouse,

Sounds like a full, busy time at the lake! Enjoy the time with family :) It's always interesting seeing how other couples relate to each other isn't it. If only they knew!


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to hear about the rest of your Holiday (and Happy Fourth to you!). "Marcie" sounds insufferable quite frankly and I admire your grace and poise in handling not only her, but also in keeping in line with your chosen life...Bravo Mouse!

Anonymous said...

I love your stories!

Lea said...

It can be odd to see how other people live their lives. And its downright rude not to help whens staying at another person's home!