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Friday, October 5, 2018

Taking Care of Business

Master suggested that mouse post more, which naturally led her to ask, "about what?" There's nothing going on, no angst, no issues that mouse feels strongly compelled to work through, but rather a daily grind. Maybe grind is too harsh sounding? Words fail.

Morning, wake up, make coffee, carry a tray up to Master with His coffee (the tray thing is new). Set it on the bedside table, wake Him gently with oral service and let Him lead mouse to the bathroom. Shower, enema (for mouse), watch Him shave, bring Him a warmed towel, all the details vary depending on His mood and time.  He makes sure mouse is dressed appropriately for the day and if a plug will be allowed (lately He's been choosing one that doesn't make sitting comfortable).

Making the way downstairs, making sure children are awake and on their way to doing their own morning routine, mouse stops at the washer to load and set the timer for an hour delay. Then she heads to the kitchen for coffee, and setting the breakfast table. Preparing breakfast, usually something protein related for Master and something more grain related for the children, fruit is cut up (because that's aways to be offered). The alarm sounds (thanks to the phone) and everyone gets a 10 minute warning. We all depart, children get dropped at their schools and Master goes to work. Then there might be a quick stop at the market or other errands before heading back home to a mostly quiet house.

Household chores vary depending on the day, but usually include dusting, vacuuming and laundry.

Afternoon snack is prepared; often taken along depending on the day and which after-school activity is on the agenda. Usually we'll stop a park for that, unless weather is bad, to give the kids a chance to eat and blow some after-school steam off. Then we're off to where ever. Usually mouse might take that time to make a second trip to the market if it's walkable. Finally at home, the kids settle into their homework routine and mouse fires up her iPod for some soothing music but not before sending Master a text that we're home or sending Him an image of the receipt, in case mouse spends any money.

Then dinner is started or at least prepped depending on the meal. Vegetables might be cut up for later. Whenever possible mouse tries to involve the children in this process, washing the vegetables or cutting them up with supervision. Then once the meal is underway mouse will usually begin tidying up a little. Loading or unloading the dishwasher, folding clothing, whatever task remained unfinished.

When Master is close to coming home, mouse will do a final check to see how much longer for dinner and greet him when He comes through the door. After a quick conversation about what he'd like to drink and how long until dinner, he sits and mouse removes his shoes. Dinner is usually in the dining room with mouse serving the family and herself last. After dinner coffee or tea is offered with a bit of dessert. Usually something very simple, like an ice cream scoop. Once the dinner table is cleared and the kitchen is tidied, and the kids settle to watch a little TV before bedtime. Master will usually join them, finish catching up on their day. Once they've gone to bed, Master often if there's nothing else that interests him on TV, he'll retire to his study to work a little before bed. During that time mouse keeps herself free in case he wants to make use of her -- although waiting to be useful to Him isn't easy.


Michelle said...

Well, I found that fascinating. I think the day to day details of our lives are quite interesting so thank you for sharing.

And man, your last statement is so true. So hard to wait.

Roz said...

Hi Mouse,

I enjoyed reading this snapshot of a day in your house:)


Anonymous said...

I hope you obey Master and post more because, selfishly, I enjoy your posts. Your days sound very busy but in a good way.

Anonymous said...

Do you ever think kiddo and or babygirl will catch on to your dynamic once they get older? Just a question of always wanted to ask you!! Been reading you for years, absolutely adore your blog, your family, and the insights to your life Xxo

Unknown said...

I love your blog... My master seems alot like yours💝

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you shared since I adore the glimpses into your life that you allow us to see.


mostly mouse said...

Michelle -- it is so very hard to wait!!! Might be a blogworthy topic in there!!!

Roz -- of course that was sorta an average day. Didn't even begin to cover a Friday, which is just bursting with activity.

Anonymous #1 -- Will certainly try to update more often -- Master's comment, he has assured was more tongue-in-cheek and not a stern directive.

Anonymous #2 We don't really worry about it (or dwell on it). If when they are older the discovered a box of toys, what would they think? At worst they might conclude their parents are or were kinky. They still wouldn't know much more than that -- Unless they found this blog which does lay everything out. We have no plans on ever divulging it.

As long as the home is a happy, loving, stable and healthy environment, it's really doubtful our children as they grow will really care about the finer points.

Unknown -- Thank you!

mostly mouse said...

Oh and Isabel (sorry mouse missed your remark earlier) thank you!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Although you may not feel you have much to share I absolutely adore the insight to the success of your dynamic within your marriage working. Many of your posts have made me teary. You have such a great way with your words discussing this lifestyle. Please share your days because I love reading not just the parts where you have thoughts to work through, but the simplicity of your submission coming freely within everyday life and within a family unit. I have missed your posts very much. I stumbled upon your blog first discovering ttwd and you are such an inspiration. Your Master should be so proud of the positivity your blog brings.


Anonymous said...

I am also wondering how you deal with an every day enema! Just another question from Anonymous #1!