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Monday, February 4, 2019

Afternoon Delight

My motto's always been when it's right, it's right
Why wait until the middle of a cold dark night?

So Master had a day off after He returned from His work trip was feeling a bit lazy (not to mention jet-lagged) so He spent some extra time in bed, probably snoozing or listening to the morning noises, like "mommy can you..." Then there was the quick errands to run, returning to pick up a few things they were out of before. Hurrying home to Him, put everything away, poured a cup of coffee and realized it was cold, contemplated just warming it up, but then remembered that Master was home, upstairs sleeping and quickly decided on a fresh pot. It was a good choice because just a short while later, He could be heard moving around two floors up. 

Quickly arranging a tray and carefully carried it upstairs and could hear Him on the phone -- it took a second of eavesdropping not entirely on purpose because if it were a business call, the protocol is to wait and not disturb Him. As it was, He was on the phone with the housekeeper and letting her know that she could have the day off with pay (because it was short notice). Setting the tray beside the bed carefully mouse knelt on the floor waiting for further instructions. Tuesdays are usually lighter cleaning days with real cleaning happening later in the week in preparation for Shabbat.

"Did you enema this morning slave?"

"Yes Master."

"Plug inserted?"

To this, mouse turned around and lifted her dress skirt bending forward slightly in what used to be an embarrassing display, to show the plug was indeed in place.

He slapped the side of the bed, and simply said, "up" and took His time examining the now faded marks He had graciously left before His trip. His tongue clucked that this wouldn't do, and sent the slave to get the leather strap. In an almost animal way, she climbed off the bed, crawled to the bathroom and retrieved the leather strap in her mouth and in truth, felt like a dog asking for a walk.

The first blow of the strap fell across with such a sting and force that a long scream was heard. There was no gentle play or warming up or even a stark warning this would hurt, just the sudden whiz of air and the wallop. The next blows stung but didn't carry that shock of the first. No part of her body was left unmarked by the strap by the time He tossed it aside and for a brief moment mouse considered this punishment for something she was unaware of. Then the feeling of His cock pushing into the cunt and again a gasp that more sounded like a soft scream. He groaned as His cock filled the cramped area, then pulled out, reached with His fingers and yanked the plug out, before shoving His back in. At this point, He surely could have done anything. The slave was nothing if compliant, and when He again pulled out, moved her around and shoved the cock into her mouth; she didn't complain as He roughly fucked her mouth. It felt wonderful to be used and useful to Him.

Then He told her to change and wash the sheets on the bed, while he sipped coffee that had since gone cold and told her to reheat it too. When she returned with the hot coffee, He returned the plug to its home in her ass and watched a little as she did the tasks He'd instructed. When He showered mouse warmed His towel and dried Him off when He was finished. Since He did have some work to do, and couldn't waste the whole day on more carnal pleasures He sent the slave to work on performing all the tasks for the day (including those that the housekeeper would perform). Eventually, when the time had come, the tasks completed, and the children were due to return, Master allowed the slave to dress. There was something about performing all the tasks in the nude, it seemed to have an affect, maybe coupled with the beating and fucking -- but it felt quite natural to be like that for Him if only for a few hours. 


ancilla_ksst said...

Ahhhh, this seems like an excellent day!

Roz said...

Wow Mouse, sounds like an awesome homecoming and reconnection:)


michelle said...

Mmmmmmmmm, sounds as if you are glad to have Omega home. Always wonderful to be reminded of our place, isn't it?