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Monday, February 11, 2019


We should be used to it by now, but it never ceases to create some sort of havoc on our lives. Each year we do get a bit of snow, what could be described as a dusting, which makes everything look like it's covered with powdered sugar. Earlier in the week we heard the warnings, significant snow possible for our area. Shopping was done, supplies, and yes those included plenty of wine and some scotch. Friday morning it didn't look too terrible, so when the buses for school came around the kids went to their various schools. Then the cleaning began for Shabbat and looking forward to unplugging from the world for 25 hours. 

Master sent a text just as flurries were beginning to fall, He had gotten the same text that schools were closing early. An hour later the children were all home safe and sound, noses pressed against the window watching the snow fall rather eagerly. Master was leaving work early, and got home around 2 and half hours later. Traffic was miserable and the commute was very slow, but He made it safely. Being the nervous Nellie that mouse can be, when He did finally make it home, mouse gushed and kissed His shoes as she removed them. 

He barely had time to shower before it was time to light the candles. In the end by His estimation we got nearly a foot of snow. Once the children were in bed, He had mouse pleasure Him as He read from a book. Then He had mouse remain at His feet, holding His evening beverage with her blouse open, waiting rather attentively for Him to want it. It felt both sexy and natural to do this. Eventually, He announced that it was time for bed, so mouse followed Him, helped Him undress, folded His clothing and it should be noted that He didn't ask for any of this but instead, it was mouse feeling compelled to serve Him in this way, which He graciously allowed. After He unbound the corset, He did have mouse bend to remove the plug in her bottom. He slid into her with a groan and fucked her ass, while His fingers tormented the nipple rings with tugging, pulling and twisting them. Before too long there was a cry from mouse as the orgasm that seemed to be building since He came home from work, finally was realized. He chuckled as He continued pounding her with her real Master, His cock. When He finished He returned the plug, plopping it back into place. Then mouse knelt before and cleaned His cock gently with her tongue. 

After she finished her own bedtime routine, mouse got into position in front of the bed. lowering herself to the carpet, extending her arms, stretching, eager to hear His voice to come to bed, or really whatever He wished. Had He said to sleep on the floor, she would have. It's like the brain was disconnected from everything else, the only NEED was to please Him. His voice cut through the night, and she clamored into bed, not realizing how cold she was. 

Saturday is family time, mouse in the kitchen cooking because we couldn't really all go out anywhere. Sugar cookies and decorating them, seemed to be ok with a fun valentines day theme. Since we don't need hundreds of cookies laying around, the children bundled them up, and delivered them to neighbors and we took the dog for a long walk. Then we returned home and watched movies, popped popcorn, nibbled on left overs from Friday night's meal. When bedtime came, Master had to carry the little one upstairs. We were all tired, so after our bedtime routines Master told mouse to just come into bed before she kneeled. Sunday morning He did enjoy using His property a little, which for her included a few marks across her backside just for fun. Enema and shower, cum swallowing were part of the morning, and of course coffee.

Sunday we had chicken soup and fresh bread with cold meat sandwiches. One surprise was a call from our area butcher, who was having issues at the shop. Rather than throw away thousands of dollars of meat, he personally went around delivering to customers like us (it was all still safe), all the things we usually buy and threw in some bones for the dog. He said the shop will be closed until next week likely. He was grateful to his very regular and loyal customers. Master said as He handed the box to mouse to sort through and put away, it pays to be friends with your butcher. He was right. We won't have to shop for a few weeks and the roast was gorgeous. There was also household duties to be done and other things that needed to be done for Monday. The weather report came in that there would be more snow. Sure enough it began falling. Then came the text messages that schools would be closed on Monday. We, since we were already beginning the nighttime routine, decided it was best to not tell them.

After kids were in bed Master again had mouse act as His beverage and remote holder, later upstairs. He used His slave's mouth and throat, which made her gag. He loves that, when she gets all weepy after His harsh use. He also mentioned that He really likes the plug that protrudes, which makes sitting very uncomfortable. He has found that mouse is happiest with little idle time. Too much idle time and she begins to think often about things she shouldn't be thinking about. Well, not really shouldn't be thinking about, but how things used to be. That endless of loop of comparing and contrasting the past that Master says needs to stop. We're good and happy now, and that's all that matters. He has the slave in mouse He always knew she could be and mouse is at last content with being just what He wants. 

Now we wait to see how bad this latest round of snow will be, Master has already set up His work station in His study and said that since the kids will be home today they'll have to keep the noise level down. His memory of His Friday commute is strong, and proclaimed nothing is worth that. Through the closed door of His study mouse can hear Him working hard for our family. Sharing the snow day news with the kids can wait until later. 


Roz said...

I loved reading this Mouse, sounds like a wonderful weekend, and a great way to spend snow days :)


Anonymous said...

mouse, I am loving how soothing and content these recent posts have felt. As I continue to struggle, I hold your relationship as an example of how it can all come right eventually.


little monkey said...

I love hearing how content you feel. I cracked up with the "and of course, coffee".