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Monday, May 4, 2009


Monday evening Beta Master came for dinner. It was nice, I made a eggplant lasagna and Ceasar salad. He seemed to enjoy it. We had a glass of wine and started chatting a little, we're always uncomfortable with each other nowadays. Maybe I'm just the one that's uncomfortable.

"I thought you were reading Ayn Rand?" He asked, picking the copy of Pride and Prejudice I'd been reading off the coffee table. I replied that I was but finished the book, and wanted some lighter reading. He nodded, smiling, then asked if I'd read that book before.

"No, I've never read any of Jane Austin's books." I confided. He gave me a quizzical grin, and made a comment that surely I couldn't get my 'woman card' without having read one. I returned the grin, and shook my head. "Have you ever read the book?" He smiled easily and cackled that he hadn't, but had read Emma, while in college.

"You did? Why?" I asked. He recounted a story of a beautiful red headed girl from his college days who was reading the book. "You read the book to get laid?" I asked in an incredulous tone. He admitted yes.

"Did you like the book?" I asked.
"No, not really," He replied, "but I did read a few passages to her."
"You read to her?" I asked with an almost giggle.
He nodded, "Yes, women like that."
I lowered my eyes, and asked, "Did it work?"
"Yeah it did." He replied.

What I said next, I can't believe, I couldn't believe it from the moment I said it.
"Guess I'm reading the wrong book." I flirted!

Beta Master didn't know what to say after that, or what to do. We've had so many ups and downs over the years neither of us know what to do or what we want. He finished his wine and stood to leave, saying he had an SA meeting to attend, I stood to walk him to the door. He touched my cheek and we kissed softly.

I don't know what to think.


  1. my Master has told me that he read Jane Austen to get laid too. It was with me. LOL and i fell for it!

  2. I have to wonder how many men have read a chick book, just to get laid, or shed a tear at a chick movie with a similar hope?

  3. speaking as a man, all of us

  4. LMAO! Sir J, all of you?? Sometimes I can't believe how naive I am where men are concerned.

  5. Do you remember way back in grade 7 when they split the boys and girls in health class. You learned about your monthly visit and crossing your ankles.

    What did you think we were learning... I prefer the Princes Bride... but I would be ok with Jane Austin ... as you wish.

  6. Again Sir...LOL

    All points well taken.



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