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Thursday, May 28, 2009


Omega scares me sometimes, not in a bad way but a way I find terrifying nonetheless. I find myself getting lost in the worship of him (and worship is an apt description of what I feel), and my brain often tries to pull me back to reality. I find myself ignoring my brain where he is concerned. Deeper and deeper I slide falling into him. It can be daunting losing you in the existence of another, as well as electrifying.

Mentally, I find myself mired in a struggle for constancy. I have submitted myself to Omega and handed everything I am over to him, and he is proving himself more than worthy of that task. The rational side of my mind ponders if I haven't placed him atop a pedestal and with such great height, the further he can fall from it.

Should that happen, what would become of me?


  1. My renea,

    I'm not afraid of heights, or of falling. I would be remiss if I didn't admit you are the most infectious, beguiling, bewitching and vexing woman I have ever known. You are a cacophony of contradiction. You bring out the best and the worst in me, but I am a stronger man because of you. And my life would not be nearly as thrilling if not for you.


  2. That is what I think of my Daddy, renea. I understand the thrill and fear all rolled into one. How wonderful that it is you experience it, especially after all that you've endured.

    And, Omega's response is nearly identical to that of Daddy's. I'm so deliriously happy for you both!!

    and we simply must meet somewhere fun!

    many hugs,
    Daddy's cutesypah


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