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Thursday, May 28, 2009

You just never know

I was kinda worried about the kind of day Wednesday was going to be, I don't know why except that Tuesday, for me, was more than a little difficult. Then yesterday (Wednesday) when I woke up a little later than usual, I just felt rushed until I finally made it out the door. Once at work though my mind started to settle. Omega called at his usual time but couldn't talk to me long.

I worked until my admin person came into the office carrying a bouquet of flowers, from Omega. The enclosed note said that he had planned on sending them on Tuesday but suffered a Freudian Slip and forgot. I giggled. It contained the smaller spray roses in pinks and red, burgundy carnation and pink
alstroemeria. Very lovely, with all my favorites present and it fits rather nicely on my cluttered desk. I picked up my phone to call him and thank him but saw the time and knew he was busy. I opted instead for sending a quick email, which he replied to a short time later, from his crackberry. That kind of activity is like passing a note during class. He's lucky he wasn't caught by the teacher.

After my lunch I called his office, the phone bounced to his secretary who informed me that all hell was coming loose there. He was on the warpath because his "team" failed him in a not-so-insignificant way. That made me shiver and grateful that I am not on his team. Yet.

I did bring the flowers home to enjoy since I'll not really be in the office per se, but stuck with one of my superiors for the next week or so. I really hate this part of my job--it's very dull and I must be certain to get enough sleep otherwise I'll be fighting fatigue all day. For dinner I cooked some whole wheat pasta, and added some fresh tomatoes, garlic and mushrooms to the sauce and splash of wine I was drinking.

At around 7, Omega came home looking exhausted and carrying a banker's box of files. He truly had a horrible day and it showed on his face. He ranted about the mistake, and basically unloaded everything he was thinking and feeling. Dinner was ready but he didn't seem hungry, instead he went upstairs to change his clothes, and I heard the shower come on. A shower in the evening for him always indicates a very bad day. He was still very tense when he came back downstairs, and instead of eating, started working.

I helped where I could. Eventually he grabbed a plate and ate a little. He asked about my day and smiled when I mentioned that maybe we could meet for lunch tomorrow since we'll be in the same building. He liked that idea but said it would depend on his morning goes. I reminded him that he's brilliant and his morning will be fine. He suggested since we're both in the same building for a few days he could drive me into work. That's a nice idea.

He asked me if I've given any further thought to my work dilemma and I told him that I'm countering the offer. I want to do the job I'm doing now, and I want a contract--also having a consultant such as myself on staff is only a benefit to the firm. Otherwise I'm shopping and there is nothing in my current contract that prevents me from doing so. Now that surprised him. I've done extensive work with other firms and many are interested in my services. As an independent, I can work when I want, and if I start to feel burned out I can take a break. Burnout is a serious problem in my old job title, often with the really good ones leaving the profession all together in favor of making pizzas and thrilled they don't have to think so hard. I just can't do that job anymore and like the flexibility of this new title.

He asked me if I needed any help with writing the offer up, and I let him read what I had so far. He made some suggestions and changes. In less than an hour he had the whole thing drafted. I asked if I had to pay him for his services and he suggested rather suggestively that we take it out in trade.

Then he pushed the banker box my way and said for me to start working.

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  1. bet u never ask hm a qestion lik tht agan.


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