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Thursday, May 21, 2009

a time to cry

Yesterday was horrible. It was a bad suckass day. I was fine in the morning, but then around 11 am I just erupted. One thing after another went wrong. By noon I'd had enough, I got into my car and was going to drive home but started crying. I couldn't stop. I've never felt that horrible in my life. I didn't want to call anyone, I just wanted to cry. I was overwrought, and just couldn't stop.

Finally, I called Omega and he rushed to my work and got me. I still couldn't stop. He remained calm, thankfully because eventually his calmness (once he ascertained that nothing horrible had happened to me) helped me quiet down. He brought me home and stayed with me as long as he could. I just took a long nap. I woke a couple hours later feeling much better. He called me while I was in the tub after his meeting was over. He said he was coming home early and would bring dinner.

This morning I feel better, got a good nights sleep, and in general feel great. I even used that stupid treadmill of Omega's. Maybe I just needed a good cry? Maybe I'll just blame it on being a female.


  1. crying it is said is the cleansing of the soul. From time to time we all need it. However I am also happy with the it's a girl thing explanation.

  2. I had a day like this yesterday, thankful for the starting over Clause I have with C he was just wonderful for most of it. Hoping we both get as good at handling these things as your omega was with you that day


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