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Monday, June 22, 2009

# 22

Busy week ahead. I have got meetings back-to-back all week, so I will not be seeing much of r during the day. I am working on clearing my schedule so r and I can have a little vacation away from everything next month. However business and pleasure may be more prudent.

The past is still back there, it is further away from us though. I have made some temporary adjustments in our relationship for now, play is stopped. Our trust is somewhat broken, however I hold little doubt that it can be repaired and be better.

I have caused her great harm and for that I am sorry. I failed in the most absurd way to protect her when she truly needed me to the most. That is a failing that I have to give up to my higher power. She has forgiven me for that, and I still need to forgive myself. I am working on that.

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