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Monday, September 21, 2009

Another weekend?

Sunday morning during our snuggle time after a previous night filled with silent screams and blissful subspace, while Omega worked his sinister black magic on my body parts he chose to abuse, I pondered about my blog.  What would I write, or talk about.  Another weekend wrap-up like post.  I asked Omega if blogging made time go faster.  Since the question kinda came out of left field, I had to explain my thought process on it.  I blog nearly every day, and as I explained, my blog is very fluid.  Good thoughts and bad find their way into those pages, but the days seem to click by.  Does writing daily make the days go by faster?  Sometimes I feel that way.  

Often I wish I go into the future and see how Omega and I end up, but then I wonder if it did end badly, would I change or try to change that future and by trying to change it, end up making the very mistakes I wanted to avoid.  Ah, the paradox of time travel, and probably not a good idea for me. 

Omega kept his eye on the time and scooted me off soon enough for brunch with my girlfriends. I really didn't want to go but in the end I was glad I did.  We drank a lot of sloe gin fizzes (we have a different drink each time we meet) and laughed.  The brunch was wonderful, excellent food and we were definitely passed the point of educating me on the horrors of marriage.  Aside from the football widow talk, the topic of men hardly came up.  We talked mostly about work and empty nests, which some of the women are having difficulty coping with.

Much later I returned home and did my little chores while he watched football.  We cooked, ate and cleaned up the kitchen after before settling down together on the sofa to talk to each other to discuss the week ahead and a little about our lifestyle dynamic.  One of the things I love is that I can share with him my thoughts are the lifestyle, what I like and maybe don't like as much.  We also talked about our scene on Saturday night.  How intense it was and how much my body was still aching (and still aches today).  

Sometimes I have to wonder if blogging nearly every day doesn't make time seem to go by faster than if I wasn't.  I admit when I think of something really blog worthy and mean to post about, by the time I sit down at the computer the thought is completely gone. Omega's answer is make better use of my cell phone but the truth is...I can barely text, let alone do all the fancy stuff.  I seriously I think instead of changing plans I will be just moving my service to Omega's cell provider, and getting a much easier phone.  


  1. not sure I grasp the concept of time visa-vie blogging. I do try to update mine to keep my fluid thoughts a place to nest for awhile. for me it is self-help.

    glad you sailed through the girl meeting w/o flack this time. You deserve some fun too. My wife tells me to have fun on Sunday's when she takes the kids to church. no chores during that time. ;-} She calls it a time for my batteries to be recharged.

  2. I find blogging everyday does make the days go by faster, but because when I blog I tend to take the time to read everyone blogs too. So that takes time. A LOT of time some days. *laughs*

    Though I really should tie my phone to the blog, then I could do random thoughts. Though I have twitter and don't do that much there so. Okay pointless. Either way.

    I'm glad to hear you are doing well.:)

  3. Totally with you on this one.
    I'm a tech and still a total Luddite when it comes to technology outside of computers. (Not being a hardware gal is, I think, the issue.) Anyhow, I have the bargain basement cheapie for emergencies only. - Hate them. I'd rather write.

    (Although I might need to look into a data recorder, cuz I get all my best blog ideas in the middle of traffic on the highway and they are *phhtt!* GONE by the time I get to someplace where I can set word to analog/virtual tablet...)

    I also agree with Gray, when I post, I read. Some days, there's just no time...

  4. I find time passes quickly regardless! In fact I find there is not ENOUGH time; certainly one of my biggest regrets is I NEVER have enough time to write; it always seems to be the last priority although to me it is like life's blood. Sighs. Well, such is life.

    I write constantly and at length in my mind; but actually finding the time to sit down and translate it into black and white seldom occurs.

  5. Oh yes, blogging and writing in general make my days go much faster. I've actually got three blogs (and that doesn't include the one on MySpace and Facebook) that I keep up with.

    One is for my writing stuff, then there's my Spirited Meanderings one, and another where I basically journal my thoughts on spirituality. They certainly keep me busy along with writing my book. I sometimes wonder where I find the time, but it freaks me out sometimes when the weekend seems to have ended and suddenly it's the weekend again.

    The only time, time seems to drag for me is when I've got writer's block... writer's block is evil. LOL


  6. I think the illusion is in documentation. When you take the time to blog like a lot pf photos on a trip it is easier to remember all that has been done and has passed. This gives the feeling of time going quickly because related to today you can see so much has already happened.

  7. There are never enough hours in the day or days in the week for me. The older I get, the faster time seems to pass by.

    Sounds like a lovely weekend!

  8. i think it does have to do with what Sir J said. So - here's my inner geek coming out - there is an episode of Star Trek in which Data wants to know why humans stress about time. They tell him to turn off his internal clock so that he doesn't have that reference. I think that blogging, writing, even the fact that the computers/phones constantly remind us of the time passing make it that much more frantic.


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