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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Should have known

I shouldn't experiment especially when it comes to meals.  By experimenting I mean trying a new recipe I'm totally not sure about that includes a new technique.  I decided since I've always wanted to know how to poach eggs, I'd give it a try.

I followed the instructions to the letter and was just placing the poached eggs on the plate, when O walked through the door.  

"What is this mouse?"  He eyed the plate with a nervous chuckle (I swear that man thinks I'm trying to poison him--I thought as I handed him the hot sauce).  "Hmm, mouse are the vegetables supposed to be cold?"  

I lowered my eyes and said nothing; handing him the hot sauce because Master cannot eat eggs without hot sauce.

After taking a bite he asked, "is the toast supposed to be cold and dry and rather hard?"  Now I just stared at him and noticed the glint in his eye and replied, "Yes that's exactly how its supposed to be.  The veggies and toast are dry and cold, and just so you know, the egg is supposed to be runny.  

He looked at me, and kinda smiled, kissing my forehead.  To his credit he ate every bite and didn't complain.  

I really love that man.  


  1. Awe... well at least he didn't complain. May I suggest that in the future if you're going to experiment in the future to do it for your lunch or breakfast, when no one else is around to see you mess up? LOL

    Oh and in all fairness... poached eggs are not easy. It takes practice to get them just right. I still don't get them exactly right when I make them... and I've been making them for years. Damn my dad... his are always perfect!


  2. One year for Mothers' Day, when I was in my mid-twenties, I made eggs benedict for my Mom. It was like being a little girl all over again. I was trying so hard and everything that could go wrong did. Things were cold, hard, runny, nasty. And being my Mom she told me it was all perfect.

    I think you should definitely experiment more with new recipes. Actually I think you have inspired me.


  3. I think experimenting is great, in cooking and lots of other things. And it's good O has a sense of adventure, or at least a sense of humor.

  4. I always experiment with new recipes when I have to go to a potluck or have a large crowd for dinner. I figure if I don't like it maybe someone else will.

  5. mouse - I've gotten lots of feedback on trying something new lately... sometimes it doesn't turn out the way you expect. At least you tried...I've never attempted poached eggs. It's nice that O was so supportive. :)

  6. *giggles* i play with my food all the time *huge 'little' grin* As spirited suggested, i usually try most of my experimenting when i'm alone, or at least not cooking for Master, but its nice that he didn't have a hissy fit... *grin*

  7. Mouse: How sweet of O to handle the situation that way. I can see why you love him.


  8. What a trusting soul he is!

    Try coddled eggs next. They're easier, and stay hot longer.


  9. mouse
    I am by far one of the absolute worst cooks. I really should take some classes. I have considered it. I think some were meant to be in the kitchen, I was meant to be in the garden. At least you tried.




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