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Monday, March 8, 2010

mouse in a maze

The weekend started as all weekends do on Saturday.  O had plans to play golf all day, so cleaned and cooked him a wonderful dinner (O's brother took A for the day and is bringing him back Sunday).  O returned from golfing to a clean house, a wonderful dinner lovingly prepared by his slave and it should be noted that perhaps the slave inside is a better cook. 

After dinner O went to the mouse and patted her head, then gave her a long kiss before reaching down to fondle her breasts and pinch the nipples.  The slave inside shivered, as mouse yelped.  The kitchen was quickly dealt with, dishes shoved into the dishwasher, pans washed quickly dried and put away.  No time to waste.  

Omega, as Masters sometimes do when they see excitement in their slaves, bided his time, pretending to flip channels on the TV, clearly amused as mouse sat on the edge of her seat awaiting the word.  "Anytime can say it...please...."  

O saw straight through to the slave inside the mouse, and spoke to her telling some of what would happen  that evening.  She would get some of her wishes but some he was very intent would not happen.  Nonetheless she was going to be thoroughly used.  The slave inside was ready to pounce on her Master and even started to pout a bit for being made  to wait.   Omega ventured upstairs to presumably change his clothes, as the slave inside along with mouse sulked, 'seriously would this ever begin?'  

After what seemed a long time (probably one or two minutes), the mouse heard her Master's voice calling her upstairs.  "Upstairs?  He wants me to go upstairs?  But all the good stuff is downstairs in the basement the only thing upstairs is the leather strap...." the thought was cutoff as the realization was sinking in.   Master asked the girl to remove her clothing, place her hands behind her head for inspection.  She felt the strap slap against her breasts and rear, she whimpered and whined that this wasn't fair, yet somehow she held her ground, and refrained from moving around too much.  

This was just the beginning.  The slave was then bent over the bed, and she felt something being pushed into her bottom, she suspected an enema.  She does this to herself when instructed and knows how much she can handle.  Master doubled that amount.  Her body ached cramped and revolted against the warm fluid.  He inserted a large plug into the rear, and then told her to follow him and NOT make a mess.  

She followed him into the basement, down the back steps as nude as the day she was born, with a huge buttplug in her rear and body filled with liquid begging to come out.  Once there inside the playroom, Master presented her with a bucket, the slave inside dutifully removed the plug and did what she needed to do inside the bucket.  Good thing too the slave inside was in control because the mouse certainly would have protested such a thing, but as it was the mouse had scurried away.  After cleaning herself up she was led to the gyno table. After securing her  Master set to work abusing and torturing her nether area.  How he gets his fist inside there she will never know but felt it clearly as he moved it, causing her to writhe against her bonds.  No gag in place this time, he wanted to hear her cries.  The last thing she remembered was being filled with some sort of ball inside there (after his hand was removed).  It expanded filling her insides and stretching them.  Then she could feel it begin to vibrate, and she moaned giving up on her herself...the slave's mind floated far from where she was.  The eyes, while open still, unable to take in any information about what went on.  She felt varied degrees of pain and pleasure, sometimes intense pain, which made her scream.  She was a dirty slut for her Master.  Her thighs were bruised, her nether region violated, and yet ached for more.  

The slave inside awoke to find herself secured in a different way her arms tethered together above her head.   All her holes were filled and a device strapped to them preventing her from removing them.  It was uncomfortable as she struggled against the rope.  Master watched intently as she struggled and moaned, her cheeks stained with tears.  Mouse felt the crop strike her body, she screamed and soon mentally scurried away, the slave inside took over and began almost dancing to the feeling of the crop.  She felt something being removed and then added but this time it had a different texture, the gag was removed and she uttered words of lust, as he pushed himself inside her ass without any mercy.  While sometimes it mentally reminds her of Alpha, this time she moaned like a whore, as Master finished and orgasmed when he whispered into her ear that she should as well.  

Again the slave inside drifted far away, and when she returned Master was using suction on her nipples, a modified breast pump of sorts, which is quite painful.  She moaned as the pump felt as though her breasts were being pulled off her body, and tears were shed as he fondled her between her legs, and remarked how wet she was.  At one point he moved the hair from her eyes, and looked deeply into them, she thinks she saw him smile, but it could have been her imagination.  

The mouse awoke to find herself still on the gyno table, but not secured to it.  She twitched a little when she saw the wand coming out, and thinks she smiled at her Master.  Not sure what setting it was on, but the pain was intense, yet mouse had no strength to move, her muscles ached, she just moaned and twitched as she orgasmed.  The last thing she recalled was Master helping her up the stairs, and into the family room.  She was wrapped in a blanket, and she snuggled against him.  She felt thoroughly used and safe.  He was touching her head, running his fingers through her hair in the most soothing way, whispering words she couldn't comprehend if she tried. 

Somehow Master convinced mouse to go to bed, he watched as she brushed her teeth, but he had to remind her to do so.  He had tell her to take her allergy medicine, and put on her nighty.   She was incapable of doing anything without being instructed. Her mind was still very foggy, lost floating somewhere far away.  

It wasn't until hours later typing this out, she realized the mouse and the slave inside became one.  

Not sure how to feel about it.  While the scene was going on...mouse felt many emotions mostly went into sensory overload and drifted to subspace.  Master seemed to keep things moving to the end result he wanted and mouse needed.  Afterward in bed mouse experienced the same neediness she felt last week, with the same intensity. Master seemed miles away even when he was right there.  Bodies wasn't close enough.  Eventually mouse fell asleep with him in her mouth, like a baby with a pacifier.  It helped to soothe the need to be close.   During the whole thing Master really claimed possession of the slave's body...he had his way.  If he wanted her to cry, beg or plead, he got it.  

Like a puppet that can move dance or whatever as long as someone moves them to do that.  That's exactly how I felt as Master used me.  I was his puppet.  So when I say "claiming possession" that's what I mean. As I slept afterward, I had the most curious dream.  I was running through a maze looking not for Master, there wasn't an panic in the dream, it was more like looking for my reward.  In the end I found myself.  

Sorry if this post is confusing or difficult to read...Just having a hard time...getting these thoughts out.  



Gray said...

Wow. Reading this is intense, I can't imagine how you felt during and after.


Omega said...


I believe most who were abused tend to box up certain aspects of their lives and let those bits take over. Some might call it compartmentalizing or building walls, however the end result is the same. It inhibits you from thoroughly enjoying life and all it has to offer, since only parts of you are allowed to enjoy.

I am pleased to see that at long last the walls are down and the mouse I have come to know, love, and respect is allowed to shine. You are many things now thoroughly combined into one amazing package.

You please me.

Florida Dom said...

Mouse: It wasn't difficult to read at all. It was quite a scene that appeared to take you to a new level.

How did you feel when you woke up and had a chance to process it all?


Anonymous said...

mouse, this is sounds like you shared a very intense evening with your Master. I honestly enjoyed how you broke it down into mouse verse slave mode. I sometimes find myself needing to separate kitten from the submissive/slave because it just makes it easier for myself to let go and to accept the adventure and use that I'm put thru...


spirited one said...

Wow... just wow... It wasn't confusing at all. I think you did a great job conveying how you felt throughout that night.

I really don't know what to say... just wow...

*Big Hugs*


mouse said...

Thanks was very intense.

mouse said...


You made mouse blush.


mouse said...

FD Sir,

Still trying to process all the emotions. When mouse woke she was still very confused by it all. Two days later the confusion still lingers.

However, if I had put words to it, safe, tended, loved, all come to mind. Being completely and blissfuly controlled, contained, and at the same time feeling so out of control. Unable to stop it even if I wanted to and still begging sometimes loudly for more.

Maybe the best word is confused but in a good way.


mouse said...


I really feel mouse and the slave insider were two totally separate people before that scene. After it, I think they became the same person. They had to acknowledge first the other's existence. Once they did that then the rest seems easier somehow. Less scattered and much more centered.


mouse said...

spirited one,

Thanks so much and to think I was worried it made no sense. Well, except to me.


Anonymous said...

A long long time ago now you asked me if you should jump off the cliff. I wonder if you have your answer now?

mouse said...

J Sir,

I do have that answer!


ronnie said...

Mouse, a very intense evening and I think you did a very good job of explaining how you felt about it.

Thank you for sharing this with us.


mouse said...

Thanks Ronnie...


Little Butterfly said...

Wow. Thank you for sharing such intense and personal emotions lately. I've been so fascinated with reading about your mouse/slave journey lately. It wasn't hard to understand at all.

And if I may, Omega, Sir... you are entirely right about the abuse thing. Mouse is so lucky that you understand this and know how to help her to overcome it.

mouse said...

Little Butterfly,

Thanks so very much! It's been a long road, but I'm finally sorting it all out.


Heather Hexx said...

mouse this made me cry.
I want that feeling, I want to as Omega put "tear down walls" I have built up, and I hope my Master will help me bring myself together as Omega has done for you.

Thank you,