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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Trying day for Master

Last night Master came home from work in a horrible mood, he proclaimed as he walked through the door that no one should talk to him until he had at least three cocktails in him. If anyone had a problems he needed to solve, they could wait until then.  While that used to be normal around here, yesterday was the first day since he started the new job that he came home in such a foul mood. 

He glanced into the kitchen, asked how long until dinner and waited for the reply, 30 minutes because he was actually home earlier than normal.  He nodded and went upstairs to shower, asking that his drink be waiting for him when he returned.  It was as though a new instinct took over where I simply turned off the stove, and followed him the stairs.  He was undressing when as I walked into the bathroom.  He glanced at me asking if everything was ok....mouse replied yes Master.  From behind her back she presented the leather strap to her Master.  Master blinked because mouse had never done this was rather bold and maybe a bit presumptuous.  Master took the strap, and looked at his slave.  He made her bend over and lifted her skirt, she was waiting for the blow, biting her lip.  Instead she felt him enter her from behind. He hands clawing at her flesh, as he pushed himself inside her.  Master needed a quickie.  When he was finished he raised his finger to mouse, pointing at her nose for presuming what he needed.  She was never to do that again he explained.  He did however thank her for putting his needs first.  I looked at him and nodded.  Master said I should return to the kitchen and wait for him.  

I finished up dinner quickly and fixed Master a drink, which was waiting for him when he came downstairs looking much more relaxed after his shower.  As I was dressing the pasta, he slipped his hands around me, nuzzling me for a moment, as I said playfully, "shoo fly." 

But really like that, the whole mood went from dark and uncertain to light.  Master was happy.  

Master sat at the table and really enjoyed his meal, he didn't have three drinks, just one then I went to the computer to research recipes for tonights dinner (life is easier when you follow directions).  Master announced it was time for bed, so mouse quickly stopped what she was doing, and followed her Master up the stairs.  The leather strap was still in the bathroom and he took hold of it, he reminded mouse again to never presume what Master wants.  I watched as he put it away, feeling a slight feeling of relief.  Like the previous nights mouse couldn't get close enough to Master; wish that could be explained.  

It's like I need him so much.  At one point he hiked up my nighty, and started playing with soft folds between my legs, and that made mouse moan, almost whorishly.  He instructed mouse to climb on top of him, so she did and soon she felt completely impaled by him as she slowly started to move.  He twisted her nipples and made her cry out a couple times.   This continued until both mouse and Master came.  After mouse bent over and cleaned him off with her mouth, savoring somewhat the taste of us.  

Eventually she settled beside him, and while she still didn't feel close enough to Master but said nothing.  Still mouse knows that she did something wrong tonight.  It was wrong to presume what Master wanted to do.  His mood just confused me and I really just didn't know what I should do.  


Gray said...

While it is wrong in his eyes to presume what he needed you did it out of compassion and desire to please him. He knows this. And since you wouldn't point it out, *grins* you were right.


mouse said...

Thanks Gray,

We talked about it this morning after he read my post. He reminded me that the last thing I want to offer is to be punished or beaten because he had a bad day. He said it would have been inappropriate for him to use the strap on me at that time because his mood was so totally foul. But ya, he really liked that I did think of him...even if I was partly wrong at least that also means I was partly right!

mouse said...

I appreciate a lot the simple and genuine way you post here. Many thanks to your Master to allow you to do so...
Yes it is an issue I had with Mine too.. I just ordered her to kneel and recite her mantra while taking shower. And when I got out, I use her like He uses you... The light came back in My heart... It was lovely... Like you describe...

Wishing a lot He will succeed in His new job !

spirited one said...

*hugs* Glad you talked about it. Hope you're feeling a bit better. Sounds like O is feeling much better. :-D


mouse said...

Thanks for your comment.

mouse said...

spirited one,

Ya, totally glad we talked it out too. Now what to do won't be sucha mystery.


Little Butterfly said...

Sometimes even Masters don't know or can't figure out exactly what they need to feel better. I think that you were doing your duty to him by trying to help him in the only way you could think. Plus, by offering yourself with such trust and openness, I am sure love overwhelmed the anger that was inside of him. (Your trust was well-placed too, because he declined doing something that would have been dangerous and wrong for you.) I don't think anticipating our Sirs' needs is always such a bad thing. We take care of them, just as they take care of us.

Omega said...

Little Butterfly,

While my admonishment of mouse was firm, she was only doing what she felt needed to be done at the time. I can only ask that she continue to follow her instincts.

You were correct to point out that as I take care of her, so she also takes care of me.

Be well,

MagnusCattus said...


First, please do not read any judgement into what I am about to ask. I intend none, and in fact find I can make none, which is what motivates the question. What were you thinking when you followed Omega upstairs with the strap? I mean that literally, what did you hope, intend, or anticipate the outcome would be? Again I make no judgement. I can see his point, but I believe I pretty clearly see yours as well. I'm trying to understand your actions better.

mouse said...

MC Sir,

Honestly, I hadn't seen him in such a foul mood since November of last year. I didn't why his mood was bad, but I just thought for a moment that if he had something to beat he'd feel better. We have a punching bag in the basement, but I dunno I wasn't think about that. I was thinking that it would help him to do that to me.

Ok...ya I see the where I skidded off the tracks.

But I really thought he'd use it on me. Maybe there was some of logic to it all, when I have a really shitty day he'll sometimes do maintenance on me. I guess I thought that maybe he needs it too or something like that.

I see where that line of thought was totally wrong. But the need was there to help him feel better I just picked the wrong thing.