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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Domestic duties...

I don't know what to talk about today.   Last night I didn't do anything exciting or important.  No weird thoughts passing through my mind.  He did perform a little maintenance on me last night, so perhaps that does have some something to do with my lack of thoughts.  My mind is clear and I feel focused.  I just have nothing new or interesting to say here.  O's been in a great mood lately, very light, and comfortable.  Dare I say easy going?    My dance card today is filled with dates with the vacuum, laundry, and bathrooms (oh don't you wish you were me?).  I'm sure the dust rag will make an appearance too.  

I have a project for work I'm working on (well several) that needs to be finished and dropped off. I'm still doing the homeschooling thing with A.  Gotta say he's thriving.  We're learning phonics, which is really HUGE for him.  I think it's going to open a new way of looking at words (instead of just memorizing them).  The door is open and I'm pushing him through it.  

Will I get everything done? Not sure.  But I know I'll try.  


  1. "My dance card today is filled with dates with the vacuum, laundry, and bathrooms "

    Oh I know that feeling well!


  2. I hate housekeeping days.

  3. Shall I give you some of my weird thoughts?? I have more than enough for one person!

  4. I was doing the cleaning thing all day yesterday... this place was such a wreck. I'll be doing more cleaning to get caught up today (mostly dishes and laundry). Fun, fun, fun. :) It actually feels good to have the house nice and clean again, though.



  5. shape shifter...ya so do I....bleh too.

    Jz...go ahead I like your thoughts and other people's weird thoughts are often better than my own.

    spirited one...I didn't get as much as I wanted....but it's all good.

    Hugs, and thanks for the comments,


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