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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

feeling Fuzzy and bullety

  • Yesterday wasn't much fun
  • I finished all my chores yesterday kinda early
  • Did a lot of work tho
  • I'm quietly chewing on something someone said, not sure yet what I think but trying to put into words.
  • Sometimes I just feel like screaming
  • A couple I know is entering the world of DD and I'm thinking of telling her about my blog, but I'm not sure yet.  
  • Life over all is pretty darn good.
  • I'm happy


  1. I tried to comment on this before but there was some mishap I believe.

    So you said in your post something that really caught me, which was "I'm quietly chewing on something someone said, not sure yet what I think but trying to put into words."

    From the sounds of it, someone said something that was confrontational to you as a person. Maybe something hurtful, or just an opposing view maybe.

    Sometimes people can be tough to deal with.

    As a personal belief, I always try to keep in the back of my mind that people only do things if they think it's valid. It may not be valid to anybody else other than themselves but I think no one would do anything unless they thought it would give the best outcome.

    I hope that helps a bit.

  2. Please don't let other things people say bother you.

  3. Bullety? I LOVE that word. I may start feeling more bullety too!

    Strange how feelings seem to creep all over us and sometimes just slough off like water from a duck and other times seem to sow their seeds deep in our bowels, other times exploding out of nowhere into the open without resistance, reducing us to a mass of heaving sobs or big fat smiles (in my case, fortunately, often the latter).

  4. Goodness. I wasn't sure whether to expect a quick list or a synopsis of some quality time with a favorite toy...
    But anything that ends with "I'm happy" works for me!


  5. * :(
    * WOO HOO
    * *hugs*
    * *bigger hugs*
    * Hehehehehehehe... I say go for it. It might open her eyes a bit.
    * YAY
    * *big HAPPY hugs*


  6. Really loved the last two. When you finish that way it makes everything before it no t matter quite as much.

  7. Bound Book,

    It wasn't exactly confrontational. It was just something, a choice of words that made me pause. I'm still chewing on it, tho I'm sure Omega would prefer I drop the matter entirely.


    I try not to...really I do.

    Dom Tom,

    I made-up the word...but feel free to borrow it. ;-)


    I was drinking soda and spayed the computer when I read your comment. I hadn't thought of that...maybe that will be subject of the next post?


    OMG Now that was tooo freaking funny!

    Dante Sir,

    When I do a list like that I always like to end it on a good note ;-)

    Hugs to all,


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