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Friday, May 21, 2010


Yesterday, in addition to my normal todo list O added a few things he'd like me to do for this night...our play night.  I scanned the list and thought...ok easy.  Went into the basement, found the items (thank goodness O is incredibly organized), put them aside.  Just in general started getting things ready.  Then the phone started going off with text messages.  Additions to the other stuff. 

Household items.  Candles.  A funnel?  Ok that threw me.  File clamps.  Tweezers.  

He wants all of them arranged on a table...he gave very specific instructions on how they are to be laid out too.  

I texted him back saying I was working on it (along with other things).  I told him the funnel made me a bit nervous.  

He replied, "good."  

I felt myself getting kinda warm feeling...gathering up all that stuff.  Looking at it all, wondering what would go where.  My phone went off (seriously does the man have a camera set up in that basement).  

"Why don't you try out the file clamps now?"  

Eeeeeeps.  I tell him ok...sure.  I do it, and double over in pain.  OMG those file clamps are horrible.  Too big..too tight.  

I text him back that it hurts.  

He replies...Too bad. 

I reply to that...thinking for some reason he doesn't understand how badly they hurt, that it really really hurts.  

His reply.  You are suffering then?  

YES!!!!!!!!!  Sir please....

He replies, not yet, what are you wearing?

Ok this requires a little finesse on my part.  O has definite requirements on how I should look when he's around, but none while he is not around.  The pain is searing...I have my sweatshirt hiked up over my boobs...I text him a sweatshirt and jeans.  

He replies....Are you certain??

Now, I'm wondering...does he have a camera around?  Can he see me? I look around the basement.  My mind is racing...the pain is incredible and only a couple minutes have passed.  Maybe even one minute.  

"Fine...Um...Im wearing sweat pants."  

He replies, "I see."  Do you really????

"Sir, may mouse please remove the clamps now?"

"No.  Take off the sweatpants and those granny panties you have on under."  

Seriously granny panties????  How the hell....ok ya it's laundry day....I have 7 pairs of underwear....Yes just 7...mostly for that time of the month and nothing announces it like granny panties.

"Yes Sir."  I look around the basement and take off the sweat pants and panties.  

"Touch yourself."  He orders.  

I know exactly what he means by that....and my face is blushing...matching ironically the color of the sweatshirt I still have on.  I do as he told.

I might as well been rubbing myself with rubber gloves on because I can't get beyond the nipple pain.  

"remove one of the clamps now."  

I text him back quickly...Only one Sir?

I remove the one while I wait for a response.  

I feel unbalanced now...I can't concentrate on anything but the pain now in this one boob.  It feels worse than it did when I had both on. No reply....

Sir please may I remove the other one?

He asks, "are you still rubbing yourself?"  

Ok at that moment I wasn't and immediately return to doing that.  Texting responses with one hand..."yes I am now."  

"Now? You stopped?"

It takes forever to type out a reply with one hand...eventually I get it through and hit send.   At some point I realize that I'm actually getting turned on...the pain...the touching...the's all swirling around in me... 

"remove the other one."  he texts. 

I removed it and fired off a quick text thanking him again with one hand.

"you may get dressed and return to your duties." 

I freeze.  Huh?  Return to my what?  You're kidding?  You're not!  Crap!  

The reason?  I lied about wearing jeans, I didn't thank him after removing the first clamp and I stopped rubbing myself.  

The final text?  

Included a new item to search for "go to the garage and retrieve a sheet of 80 grit sandpaper and put that with the other things you have gathered thus far."  

Maybe he's just trying to freak me out?


  1. oh mouse.. i know i shouldn't have ..but i giggled until tears were coming out of my eyes!
    Yes i think O probably does have a camara!!or He knows His mouse very well!..have fun.i can't wait to here what happens.

  2. mouse, sometimes your writing makes me cringe, this would be one of those times :)
    have a good night,

  3. BTW typing one handed is damn hard. *laughs*

  4. ..... well was he just trying to freak you out?! *blinks*

  5. Sorry but I had to laugh - "does he have a camera around? Can he see me? I look around the basement" I can image you doing that:)

    Hope you enjoy your night.


  6. One-handed typing is hard. Slippery fingers on a touchscreen is dang near impossible!

    Or, er, um, so I'm told...

    (and please don't ever mention sandpaper to BG... thank you.)

  7. His mountain girl...maybe both a camera (shudders) and ya he just knows me too well.

    ally...hehehehheeeeee...ya I'm cringing a little too.

    Gray...I'll find out tonight. The closer it gets the more nervous I am. And ya...that whole one handed texting thing really sucks!

    ronnie....My head was whipping around I nearly gave myself whiplash.

    Jz...Don't worry the sandpaper will be our secret. Have NO idea what he'll use it for tho...And don't say sand something.


  8. a HA! -- the funnel is much clearer now!


  9. Nanny Cam Mousie, me thinks my dear Omega has invested in Nanny Cam,,,sheesh, my nips hurt after that description :) Enjoy your weekend.

  10. hey mouse
    you shouldn't have lied,.... the stopping to rub i can understand... but jeans..
    and sand paper oh God, i shudder to think what he had in mind for you
    -hugs Alujna

  11. Those clips are a real bitch! It sure does make you wonder if he could see you :)


  12. Oh I HATE those file clamps. HATE them. I'm surprised you could type anything with one hand or two. And I don't think anything he did with sandpaper would be worse than the clamps. Maybe that sounds like a dare (and maybe I wouldn't say it to my Dom) but those clamps are so bad that there isn't much that's worse.
    Big hug,

  13. Hehehehe... can't wait to hear about your play night. I have to admit, though... my tummy was getting butterflies for you.



  14. Sandpaper? I can't wait to find out. And when I do I will more than likely hide it all from my Master.


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