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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thankful Thursday

For a short time yesterday morning Omega, after spending an hour discussing the topic of yesterday's post, allowed the slut to come out into the light.  He woke early, and roused mouse from dreams of George Clooney, and into the basement for some hard play and a bit of torture.  The mouse was at first disoriented, but too easily bent to his wishes.  The inner slut was released in her usual needy way that lasted much of the day.  With her under that kind of fog, she wasn't allowed to drive (which was fine since she had no where to go), and remained still most of the day as she went through her duties.  Time passes quickly while she's under that influence.  Having finished her work *yay* she started doing other chores.  The mundane laundry, cleaning and the like, but this time it was a little different.  

Omega kept up on her day by sending text messages asking how she was doing, and at one point he required her to go into the bathroom and insert the plug into her rear and touch herself after for a number of minutes, then stop and return to her duties.  This drove the slut wild.  He had several things he wanted her to complete and she was to text him when finished.  Happily she danced as she fired off that text to him.  He replied a short time later that she may touch herself again for a specified amount of time, and then complete more chores.  

This was how the day went, with mouse scurrying about completing chores for a reward.  A few moments of bliss, but it did more than that.  It kept her focused, on task, and oh so wanting him more.  Her body ached for him so badly in fact when he came home from work, instead of remaining in the kitchen while he changed or showered, she followed up the stairs and begged for attention.  

Of course he liked it, but he was tired.  

Now, this was weird.  Normally when mouse was driven to that point and then dismissed she would be pouty, disgruntled, or even downright bitchy with O.  This time she wasn't.  She just returned to the kitchen, somehow knowing that he'd make it up to her later.  This pleased him so much!  He was expecting the mouse to react in a negative way too and when she didn't, it took him by surprise.  Later that evening he did make it up to the mouse.  He gave her everything she needed.  

The slut was allowed to shine and the mouse was very content, and very Thankful for her wonderful Master!  


  1. I am so happy to see this post mouse. *hugs*

  2. Yay!!! I'm still floating on cloud nine so I can't think of much to say, but... Yay!!!




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