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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

do you ever find it hard to submit if your tired? do you ever just want some time to yourself?

On the time to yourself part of the question, the answer is yes. There are times when mouse will wistfully recall her solitary life before Omega. There are days where mouse is just mentally drained and has a hard time focusing on anything and will even start to nod off watching TV. Omega will generally send mouse to bed when that happens.

Is she too tired to submit? Never. That's just not an option in our dynamic. However Omega can tell when mouse is exhausted and most times won't push it then. If he decides to go ahead and push mouse, mouse is certain he has his reasons.

Thanks for a great question!

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  1. This brings to mind the concept "Mutual consideration for each others needs."

    Sometimes I loose site of this.

    Thanks for the refresher.


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