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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Embracing the rules

It's true over the past few months mouse has struggled a lot with her focus rules, but after several talks with Omega, and a well written letter to him on our private blog, mouse demonstrated that she was able to move on and on Saturday night Omega changed the focus rules.   True one still remained, reminding mouse that she has no will of her own other than what Omega has already given her.  It sounds really harsh and spanks of doormat, but mouse must remember that this doesn't really change anything.  The mouse is still encouraged to speak her mind when appropriate.  Omega will always ask mouse how she feels about different things.  

The reality is that mouse has a lot of freedom, over the make-up she wears, or doesn't, the clothing she wears (as long the choice follows the clothing rules).  So why say no will?  Well, it seems that was kinda answered by the other rule that mouse is to be pierced soon.  This is something that Omega has talked about for a long time and mouse has mostly listened.  A hood piercing is out because it would need be a horizontal piercing due the shape of mouse's clitoral hood.  While its kinda pleasing to look at, it really doesn't serve a big purpose.  Vertical piercings, according to Omega provide the most stimulation, easier to care for, take less time to heal and less painful.  

Now, Omega explained that a couple well placed rings at the very top of mouse's inner labia will provide sexual stimulation and press against the clitoral area.  So, yesterday during the lunch hour, Omega had mouse meet him at a piercing place.  The idea was just to talk about what would happen, pick jewelry and then come back.  After picking out the rings, which were a whole lot thicker than she'd thought they'd be, thinner rings it seems tend to tear more.  It was decided to just do it.  Not one but four, two smallish captive rings, on each side.  It didn't hurt all that seemed the second round did hurt a little more than the first.  They did one on each side first, guess to make sure they lined up right or something, then repeated.  The waxing mouse had in preparation of this hurt a whole lot more!   The person then spent a lot of time talking with O and mouse discussing how to keep the area clean, and no sex  without a condom (or dental dam) for several weeks (5-6).  There is a chance of rejection of the rings, which would prolong healing.  The person doing them said allow around 6 weeks for them to heal.  Not as bad as mouse thought.  

Then the person delivering the piercings asked if there was anything else we wanted done.  Oddly enough mouse spoke up about getting her nipples long as we're here.  For the nipples the piercing person recommended instead of rings, the barbell type, saying it's easier on healing, and can of course be easily changed to rings later.  Also it doesn't show as much under clothing.  We talked about the aftercare, such as wearing a bra, keeping the area clean, which was all very similar to the labia piercings, soaking in salt water.   After those selections were made, it was done.  As pain goes, it totally wasn't as bad as she thought it was going to be.  It seems, mouse recalls, having her ears pierced hurt  a lot more.  

There was one tense (or intense) moment of pain, mouse was getting into her car and felt something pull and felt the blood drain from her face.  Completely convinced she had ripped one clean off she ran back into the bathroom to check on it.  No, all four right there and everything seemed fine...nothing hemorrhaging.  All was good and mouse was much MORE careful getting in and out of the car after that!  

The morning after, the labia doesn't really hurt at all, just a kinda throbbing sensation, but not really painful.  Sure if mouse sits funky or something there are twinges but nothing huge.  The nipples are very tender and constantly erect.   The first time peeing after was kinda stingy, but rinsing it with cool water helped a lot.  So, far the cleaning of the rings isn't such a big deal, tho wearing panties is kinda a pain.  Gotta clean everything thoroughly after exercising or sweating, because that help bacteria to grow.  Excess moisture is evil.  For now mouse is using some panty liners also because they ooze slightly.  Omega's been checking everything and said it all looks normal...

We'll wait and see how it goes, mouse had bad issues with getting her ears pierced decades ago, and isn't sure if she'll have a similar problem with these.  Time will tell!  


  1. I am so proud of you!! Omega's preparation has served you well. And for you to give the gift of your nipples too! WOW!
    Monkey wants me to do my nips and this is when I am glad he is not here 24/7.
    Take care and thanks for sharing!

  2. Congrats mouse :) It's awesome that you got your labia and nipples pierced. Personally, I'm just too scared to do it. Although I do have my ears pierced they aren't the same thing You're a brave girl :)

  3. Congratulations! slave isabelle has been wanting to get her breasts pierced, but Master has been reluctant to since it means they can't be played with for upwards of 6 months. They are one of Master's favorite toys and slave isabelle also likes them played with rather roughly; not to mention flogging slave isabelle's breasts is the fastest way to make her orgasm...

    Congratulations again and that is a lot of piercings to have done all at once! slave isabelle's industrial piercing is the piercing to date that hurt the most. The holes in slave isabelle's body seem to have grown at a steady pace as of late ;)

    Peace and love,
    slave isabelle owned and collared by Sir Rick
    house slave of The Sanctuary, Kansas

  4. Congrats! i love reading your blog as it always shows me just how much one is capable of doing when they give complete trust over to their Master. i know my Master and i are working, and still learning each day, but i wanted you to know i look at you as a role model for how a proper slave should act. Of course every one and ever relationship is different, but i hope to have something similar to you and Omega once Master and i move to real life. ((((hugs)))

  5. Wow! Ouch! Dang! Okay,I got my reaction out of the way.

    You are very brave! Omega must be very proud of you and you must be very proud of your gift to him.


  6. Mindset -- Thanks mouse is pretty proud of herself as well!

    Alujna -- mouse shaking so hard on that table, but after the first one was done and she barely noticed it (Omega kept her prattling on).

    slave isabelle -- yes, Omega said something about that...guess we both got caught up in the moment. That said once they've healed, it will add a new element to the play that mouse hadn't considered until this moment. LOL

    Master's kitten -- mouse is lucky that Omega is more like her flashlight on a dark night. He lights the way and guides her well.

    heather1 -- Thanks so much! It really sounds worse than it felt!

    Hugs to all,

  7. Amazing.

    You really inspire me, mouse.


  8. Wow. I do think it sounds very brave. And I also think it is very remarkable that it wasn't the thing you opened your post with. I think I would have led with I GOT SIX PIERCINGS!

  9. rose -- thanks!

    sin -- LOL, actually that was the original title, but after writing it all out, mouse decided the embracing the rules title fit better.


  10. Congrats!!! And as per normal... you are much braver than me! :-D




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