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Thursday, October 14, 2010

More reasons to be thankful

Only time for a quick post today.  Woke up to find the power had gone out and mouse woke late, everything's behind. 

But it's also Thursday and time for mouse to express her gratitude to Omega for sticking by mouse during this really difficult season.  10 months have really passed and mouse feels she's finally back on track and able to move further into her personal submission.  

During that time Omega showed mouse so much compassion, he didn't push things too hard, and helped her see how things could be (when he kept her in a week of subspace back in May).    That was the week that taught mouse how her submission really could be.  The week of pain and pleasure, and of fuzzy thoughts was wonderful.  Now mouse has all those same feelings inside her without the headspace of having just scened.  Through these past few weeks she's rediscovered the pleasure of her service to Omega.

Again thank you Omega for all you've done for mouse and for all you continue to do.  The new jewelry is wonderful thing too, mouse never thought about how wonderful it would feel (and it really does).  Thank you also for taking the time each day to check on the healing process.   This mouse is very lucky to have a Master such as yourself!  Thank you also for your patience and understanding during the recent months.

Finally mouse is thankful for all the readers of these pages, the questions they ask, advice they offer and support they show is amazing!  As thankful she is to Omega she is equally thankful to the dear friends she's met because of these pages.  Turiya, Greengirl, Ally, Jz, CD, and Ronnie  just to name a few.  These people have helped mouse through emails and chats, extra support and even reminding mouse that things will improve.  


  1. I'm thankful for you too mouse :)

  2. Yup - what she (Ally) said. You are impressive for your strength and your generosity. thank you.

  3. Ally and Greengirl,

    Your both so very welcome and mouse meant every single word of it.



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