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Friday, October 1, 2010

Life is busy

Busier, it seems than normal, I mean the kind of busy where everything gets neglected in a certain order.   My blog seems to be the first thing to suffer.  Next is the house, shopping and other domestic duties.  When it started to affect my working with A, I decided enough was enough and delegated some of the other duties out.  I have an employee now.  Odd. 

Not much lifestyle stuff to report, nothing exciting aside from daily maintenance. In short our lives are kinda boring.  

Next weekend tho, both Omega and I have cleared our schedules and are escaping to the coast to winterize the house. 

I did spend a few uninterrupted minutes flipping through a Williams-Sonoma catalog today.  I drooled over some pretty dishes...which I won't mention to Omega in any kind of formal way since he knows I have a dish fetish.  And I'm currently banned from ever purchasing any kind of dishware for the rest of my life.  Unless I get rid of the dishes I currently have.  Yes, Omega found the secret stash of Fiestaware in the back of my closet.   And no, he was not amused...I'm sorry the explanation  that I have them sorta arranged by season didn't fly.  

One thing that has really saved my sorry rear is that I'm carefully planning meals in advance, I make a list and shop for just those things and use up what I have before buying more.  Omega's been happy with the meals for the most part, and I'm happy with the less hassled results.  Over the weekend I check out the freezer and see what I can cook during the week, take things out as needed, and shop for the rest.  It does add some extra shopping tho when we start to run low on items but it's not a bad thing.  In fact it's been kinda nice not having to worry about it.  I've even started doing a lot of double duty cooking, which I'm learning is easier than I thought it would ever be.


  1. I am SO excited! Now I have someone else who can join "Tableware Junkies Anonymous" with me!!!I am ashamed that they know me by name at the three closest "Homegoods" stores. I am no longer allowed to make any houseware purchases without pre-approval from the boss.

  2. Kelly Red,

    Oh totally Sistah! Ya they know my name too, but I look at it the same as the butcher or fish monger telling me about a great deal they're having in roasts or halibut.

    Once I went into a Pier One with Omega and the sales lady came running up to me to tell me they had the sconces I'd been eyeing on sale.

    Yes, I'm banned from buying more Fiestaware, including serving pieces, and dishes of any kind, kitchen gadgets and the like...but it doesn't stop me from looking and occasionally drooling. I don't really blame him since I have a set of really good china, a christmas set of dishes, and my Fiestaware. And I agree the Fiestaware has gotten a little out of hand....when the stack of dishes could no longer fit in the cabinet O made me admit I had a problem...LOL

    My latest move has been trying to convince O I need a slow cooker.


  3. I hear ya... and yeah, I've been doing the meal planning with recipes too and it's really made things so much simpler. I still like to be spontaneous once in a while, but for the most part having the recipes there for when I just don't feel like having to think about what I'm going to cook has been good.

    (BTW... got the idea from you, so thanks lol)



  4. I laughed out loud at the dishware fetish. I have it too... I have a huge kitchen and waaaaay too many dishes. I'm not forbidden to buy more though. I think that the big kitchen helps a lot but the thing that really saves me is that I justify it by keeping kosher so I NEED lots of different dishes. Score.

  5. lol i have a book fetish, you absolutely have to drag me out of a store or i'll never leave it without one :)
    I'm sure I'll get hooked on others once i start going through the catalogues.
    It's wonderful that you're planning the meals in advance. atleast some of us are able to stick to their plans lol :)
    take care


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